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    Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

    Taken by leaning out of my hotel window, with the camera held at arms length. (I had wrapped the camera strap around my wrist just in case I dropped it.) To see the image I used the flip screen.
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    Spain walk
  3. robthebruce

    Alley cats

    While walking through Portevedra in Spain on our way to Santiago de Compostela I had a second to capture this before they moved off as we approached.

    © Rob Culhane Australia

  4. Check your shutter speed. I use aperture priority but occasionally I bump the shutter dial from automatic to 8000 second. It looks good in the view finder until I play it back. Yes I push the button down to lock it in automatic but when I'm pulling the camera from my bag I will reach in and in the process touch the button releasing it. Then a day later, I'll bump it from automatic shutter to 8000 of a second.
  5. At some point, another X100 will be released. What I'd like to see is a newer 23mm lens, that sticks about 5 mm further out so it is easy to use the aperture dial. I'd like to see the ISO set from a button on the D pad, and the removal of the dial on the front hand handgrip and also from its current set up on the shutter speed timer. I'd also like to see a little zoom lens developed that can be screwed onto the camera's lens (like the TCL teleconversion lens), that runs from 35mm to 50 mm with about a half turn to move from 35mm to 50 mm. The aperture could be 2.8 and still be useful given the high ISO now available with the bigger sensor. This would hopefully keep the front lens of the zoom smaller than the current TCL 35 mm lens adapter. I know that there is the cropping ability provided in the camera, but I would prefer to retain the 24 MB ability. With the little zoom capability, I would probably sell my ever expanding kit of lenses and bodies and simplify things again.
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    Which Travel Camera?

    Artuck's suggestion is a good one, so if we are going with zoom's, why not the 18-55 Fujifilm one? It works pretty well and is compact.
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    Which Travel Camera?

    Simple solution. I'd buy the x100F. I see them selling second hand on the internet. Sometimes they include the TCL converter lenses and/or the lens hood as well which make them attractive to purchase as it is far less than a new one and purchasing these extras as add ons. Rob
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    Tree fallen

    I love the sharpness and depth of field by the Fujinon 14 mm for shots like these.
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    I have been wanting to use the star rating system to express my pleasure in seeing the anger and determination in the face of this young woman, but for the past few days have not had the opportunity because I have not been on my desktop computer, but only looking at the site using my phone.
  10. I had another thought today: I'd like to see it with a lens that focused manually like the old ones and not by wire like they are now. Even on the 14mm f2.8 and 23mm f1.4 which both have a manual clutch mechanism, it isn't as good as the old manual ones.
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    Lonely Pine

    Of course. I forgot that the zoom was available. I tend to think of what lenses I use or would be likely to use. Rob
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    Lonely Pine

    Very sharp and well balanced composition with the bushes either side of the pinetree. Light just right to highlight the depth of the rim. BTW, what was the lens you have used as it shows a 13.8 mm and not the XF 14 mm? Rob
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    Angels Landing.

    That is one very 'challenging' day walk. The weather would want to be settled with no big cross winds. I've never been to the USA, but I think I'd rate that better than visiting the Grand Canyon. How many walkers do they loose each year???
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    Messmate eucalyptus now dead

    This one was probably a swamp gum, or messmate before it died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eucalyptus_robusta
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    Tree detail

    Trees are among the biggest living things on the planet. One's like this have a whole ecosystem of insects, birds and marsupials (possums), living on them and feeding from them. I like to think of them as a vertical ecosystem, like a skyscraper in our cities. This one provides nesting hollows for parrots and possums.
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    Tree still alive

    I was staying on the far eastern outskirts of Melbourne recently and noticed these gum trees in the paddocks on several walks I made over a weekend. I think it is a common Red Gum, but am happy to be corrected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eucalyptus_camaldulensis
  17. Thanks for your background information about the garden and how it came to be planted. The entire garden of 120 acres is quite huge.
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    Tree detail

    Close up of the bark of a dead gum tree.
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    Every Australian backyard used to have a clothes line hoist on which your mother put the washing to dry. It was a child's rite of passage to swing on the arms of the clothes line, fall off and break their collar bone. The resulting white sling was a badge of honour in primary school. The other memory is of mum screaming: "Don't swing on the clothes line."
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    There is a white rendered wall opposite my house that makes a great backdrop for a portrait. When the sun is in the west, it is full sunlight and gave the effect I was looking for.
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    Plus a bigger body.
  22. In today's newspaper the following article on the street photography was highlighted. It has some good pictures of the work by Jon Lewis, from Sydney, Australia, and reports some of his approaches. His approach is corrective to the 'sniper, shoot anonymously' approach which results in grainy and contrasting images. His pictures are infused with a positive outlook on humanity and the place each person has in our society, whatever their background. The final picture of the article is a portrait of Jon - and he looks like he holds a X-Pro with about a 35mm on it, although the pictures in the article look like they were taken largely with a 23mm. The link is here. If that doesn't work this link should: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-12/jon-lewis-street-portrait-photographer-perfect-strangers-sydney/9408728 Rob
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    Boys on bikes after the storm

    The weather while on holidays at Barwon Heads was changeable and extreme. Too hot and then following the cooler change from the south, too cold and blustery. This was taken following the thunderstorm which was preceded by a hot day.
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    Barwon Heads

  25. robthebruce

    Barwon Heads caravan park