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  1. Holy smokes, I thought I was reading a thread about LightRoom. Instead I was attending a taping of a Jerry Springer show with chairs flying all over the place. The best policy is to ignore inflammatory comments and don't provide fuel to the fire. Just don't read comments from known trolls or short-fused Divas. In the long run your blood pressure will be all the better for it. On other forums I have resorted to blocking aggravating users who inject other than useful information into otherwise meaningful discussions. But this takes the cake. I'd end up blocking folks that generally are great contributors to the knowledge base. What happened to us? Did the moon go full? OK, now I've gone and done what I just preached about. Jeez...
  2. Funny, I always tell my 75 year old brother to RTFM, but in my arrogance I never do. After 40+ years in data processing I have always felt if I needed the manual it was improperly engineered!
  3. PurestBlue - lash it to the mast.
  4. Very nice first pics. A testament to your skill and the simplicity and intuitive controls of the X-Pro1. Imagine what superb shots you'll produce once you've had a bit of time with the camera.
  5. From what I have recently read sRGB is better for most uses including posting on the Web, etc. Adobe is better for commercial printing, it is deeper into the green end of the spectrum.
  6. Here's the answer provided to me on another forum by AusPhotoHiker/Mike: The camera alters the filename by preceding it with an underscore '_' when the colour space of the camera is changed to AdobeRGB. Changing it back to SRGB will remove the underscore.
  7. Great stuff. One note: my 60mm was already at V1.01 - the upgrade brought it to V1.02
  8. Does anyone know if there is logic aboard the Fuji batteries? If so, is the battery charge status carried in the logic vs. an actual state? If in the logic, is that set by the charger? I ask because when battery #1 above was loaded into the XP1 it showed full charge. I am still leaning toward a defective charger rather than a battery/camera issue. Thanks
  9. I have tried naming the card from Finder, but it produces errors on reload into the camera. Then I need to reformat it. Another one for the firmware wish list.
  10. GAK! Just clicked on shadow details links. Where's my eye bleach!
  11. Received from Japan. Haven't seen any other than there. (I'm in the US)
  12. I eventually received a mailed FedEx customs invoice for $0 on the XP1. I expect the same for the 60mm. I am in the US.
  13. Totally legit. Bought my XP1/35 from the and the the elusive 60mm. Fast approval but slow warehouse fulfillment (relatively speaking 2-3 days) super fast delivery. The warehouse time was only dissappointing because of the speed on the other two ends. Good communication. Fair, but higher than retail prices on this hot camera. Will definitely consider them again should the need arise. Regards, Alex
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