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  1. the first set really got me some beautiful shooting ..... poetry
  2. fuji needs to make a lens for the system with traditional f stops ona ring and real helicoid focus rings for mf ....if certain pentax and nikon af lenses can do it then fuji can too this is what the users want
  3. sounds like inferior coatings.....sorry to hear of it
  4. asia....pacific islands .....canada... brasil totally uncool fiji
  5. fuji usa and aussie customers get a bag of coal? what of Continental europe? sorry but this is not cool
  6. as was said , a short tele would be useful more useful imho making the x100 useful for portraits where its so so at the moment 50mm equiv please 35mm is already wide action 28 is a little wider the addition of a short tele would have increased the usefulness of the camera more put another way...."35" is wide "28" is wider "35" is wide 50 is "normal" a sea change for x 100 portrait use
  7. what a unique project , thanks for sharing some of them look like stills from a b horror flick
  8. thanks for the thumbs up, thumbs up if shes moving dont forget to pan ... it will increase the sharpness and also pre focus on the stage floor where she will be , take some practice shots from your seat etc,,,,use the ael lock to focus from the back in manual that way the camera is reDY TO SHOOT ,... TRY A FEW DIFFERENT WAYS before the actual shooting to make sure your strategy works enjoy
  9. you want camera porn/.....i`ll give some camera porn ,lol look sat that sexy shoulder strap! this was taken with the amazing olympus om-d em 5 and posted on the e-p1 . nety forum as an example of low light prowess.....my x 100 .... my precious Now that's what I'm talkin about! X100 super porn. Showing just enough detail in the shadows to make one's mouth water you get it .... thats exactly what great porn is all about....lol
  10. that x 100 in black is sexy as hell.... when you go black you never go back .... so says this irish italian american ....ummm.... shooter.... x 100 addict
  11. leica exists because a segment of the elite supports its illusion of grandeur and quality uniqueness..... years ago when the price of the leica was more in line with other quality cameras , shooters like bresson could choose leica for its technical solurtions and lens quality now , in the modern economic world leicas elitist prices are a poster child for what is wrong in the modren world your milage may vary ......for me corporatism is ......well you know
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