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    It wasn't long back that YaFlickr altered the accounts, giving existing users some notice: if you had a £25p/y account, and continued to pay every year without fail, you keep the unlimited account without ads and the stats tools etc. If you let that slip you got a 'free' account, with 1TB limit, limited stats and it has ads. The cost to setup a new account that is the same as before is extortionate! It might be that you let things slip. Also, if you had one of those BTYahoo accounts, I think they stopped that too and put you onto the free one, but not sure...
  2. Not Fuji X-whatever, but perhaps this will give you some good ideas... Rainy day photos...
  3. My niece wanted a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S for Xmas. She got it. Apparently all the kids are raving about this at her school, it's like the new kid on the block? The instant film is tiny and costs about £1 a picture I'm told. So I guess this is just an extension of that. If the kids want it, it'll sell. For a while.
  4. Kertesz is utterly amazing. A humble genius with Leonardo's eye. Several of his mid century images rank in the top 10 of all images ever taken. Recent vintage Kertesz phtos have sold for $300,000+. I'd always dreamed of owning one, but that won't happen. What a photo sells for doesn't mark the genius of anybody, surely; some of the most profound photographers aren't able, or just don't, sell their images for anywhere near what could be considered a living. Also, why 'thankfully...diminishing', referring to Eggeleston and Adams? That's YOUR opinion. EDIT - and not disagreeing with your opinion of Kertesz, but you do realise that 'Meudon' is widely considered to be posed - the man with the parcel. This picture was originally famed for the candid moment captured...
  5. Another good one for the list would be Paul Trevor: http://www.flickr.com/photos/liverpool1975/sets/ http://paultrevor.com
  6. http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/walker/exhibitions/paultrevor/
  7. As I understand, the book was released by Bluecoat Press in 2011 and is now out of print. Bluecoat are an independent publisher from Liverpool. Have a search for ISBN 190443844X, but I think I might just well have fallen lucky (assuming it arrives ok!!)
  8. I was lucky enough to find a copy of his book "Like you've never been away" by an Amazon 3rd party seller the other day. Awaiting its arrival...
  9. I think it's all been said, but... Huge dynamic range like this will always mean offsetting one thing with another. To expose for the clock face (at least within a margin which can be digitally recovered; the digital detail is recorded) will likely mean that the darker areas, in your case the bulk of the photo, will appear under-exposed. The same will be on the reverse, which is what you're seeing - an overexposed clock face. Digitally, the dark areas are easier to recover than the bright areas, so I guess exposing more towards the clock face is better. The answers aren't easy, but (and used subtly) HDR is a modern technique which some appreciate and can be done well. A lot of purest say this is less photography and more photoshopy; your choice. Film has a larger dynamic range than digital, and slightly more forgiving, but this is an age old problem. In fact special filters were once made (maybe still are) that blocked out 'spots' by a few more stops than the rest of the frame. As for moon shots - the moon is surprisingly bright! As in 1/125 @ f/8!!!! For what it's worth, I think your second shot is exposed about as best it can be. It will only take a tiny fraction of a second to blow the clock face, but not make a similarly noticeable difference to the shadows...
  10. Just got back. Well, it seems you now have a Tumblr up and running Once you get your head round it you'll like it I'm sure. The help section is actually very useful and easy to understand...
  11. Away from computer now. Will get back to you later
  12. To post, you just need to click one of the large buttons at the top, you don't need to customise the template (unless you are actually trying to add further pages of course...)
  13. ...or have you gone to your settings, clicked on cutomize theme and are trying to add an actual page from there...???
  14. Hmm - so your on your dashboard, and at the top of the page there is a row of icons saying 'text', 'photo', 'quote' etc: do you click one of them?
  15. Yeah, I think she's saying 'page', meaning 'post'...
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