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  1. richoff

    Camera straps - What do you use?

    I also possess a number of Peak Design products. The one issue I have with their straps/cuffs, is the "attachment clips"... I would prefer a device that was less hard plastic, maybe a rubberized or silicone covering over the slotted clip. (I have suggested this idea to customer service via email)
  2. I guess then, that the camera brain is not smart enough to say; "hmm, the raw card is missing, so I'll just send the JPEG to the jpeg card/slot".
  3. You nailed it, that is my "setting"... easy firmware change I would think, not that its really that important tho.
  4. Just found out that the camera won't capture photons if the jpeg slot is empty (the raw slot has a card)
  5. Check Amazon, and look for "MegaGear"
  6. Well, I bought and used the "F" for a week, then ended up returning it. Reasons below: Aperture chatter - I thought this had been fixed...apparently not. Rear Command Dial - so very stiff to spin... I would end up clicking the "push" feature of it every time. Battery Door - not secure enough for my liking. Still a great camera, with wonderful output tho. Cheers
  7. Electronic shutter mode will cancel flash I think?
  8. Just was wondering if it was worth to upload from the x100s to the T, really like the screen and built in wifi. Forget that! I'm waiting for the X100F... don't know why, just am.
  9. richoff

    Connection Problems.

    When looking at the camera menu, use the D-pad and scroll up to "change" (connection I think)... I'm going from memory here... then press "OK" on the camera... I'm pretty sure thats how I got mine to work (on iPhone)
  10. richoff

    just joined saying hello

    Welcome to the community Chris. I have the X-T1 and am quite enjoying it also.
  11. richoff

    Thoughts on 50-140?

    Interesting discussion. I'll have to add myself to the list of people feeling dissapointed with what I'm seeing. +1 My eyes see the "Bokeh" as a sort of "shimmering" or "movement" effect... maybe even something like looking through a window with rain falling against it, certainly not what my old 85mm f1.2 produced (sold), or even my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Of course, your milage my vary. Cheers
  12. Posting videos will not solve the problem. Ringing Fuji and getting them to repair the camera will. Sounds a little abrupt, no? How about : Wow, that's some strange behaviour... Hasn't happened with my cam (yet), you could call Fuji service, they will for sure do there best to troubleshoot the problem.
  13. ES = Electronic Shutter