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  1. WillH

    X10 Fungi

    Thanks! I enjoy capturing mushrooms this time of year! Tis the season! :-)
  2. WillH

    The X-Photographers

    I think you all should circulate a petiition to have rattymouse included in that photographic group! The group would benifet from the touch of class and considered thought rattymouse contribute!
  3. WillH

    Wake and Focus Speed

    You're rattymouse on the dpreview forum, aren't you? Yes, tis him! FinePixCamera is rattymouse on PRP FTF.
  4. WillH

    Wake and Focus Speed

    Well guess that's that! let's see, what's the real hammer: Vegan diet, animal rights politics, anti-Japanese, or leap frog in the park! Remember when playing leap frog don't stutter.........that's not playing leap frog anymore!
  5. WillH

    Wake and Focus Speed

    I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this discussion. Your X100 and X10 are production cameras, they are what they are, if you're unhappy with that, stop using them, because they're not going to change. Clearly you have had enough successful images with these cameras that you continue to use them. Bitching about their pitfalls won't solve anything, and no one here really cares to hear it. No camera is perfect for every situation, period. We are not Fujifilm, we cannot fix your camera, we don't want to hear your complaints. This is not the purpose of our forum. If you feel cheated by Fujifilm, take up the issue with them, not us. If you continue to press the issue, you will be removed from the community. We're not Fujifilm apologists, these cameras aren't perfect, but we're not here to complain, we're here because we enjoy using these cameras and want to discuss photography with other Fujifilm users. That being said, you have a wonderful photo there, it's a good thing you had your DSLR with you! Christopher, Many, many of us have been saying what you just said, about various issues, for MONTHS! Enough, with the warnings! He's been booted from DRP several times. Ratty is not going to change. It's only going to get worse - the guy craves confrontation and has a proven, and obvious, track record of promoting discontent. His little show of passing out disingenuous kudo's is merely a faint attempt to hide his true personality. Boot the antagonist off your forum and allow some good decent Fuji camera users to rejoin your forum. I know a few Fuji photographers who are watching to see how you handle this problem child.......and his buddy the rabbit.
  6. Great article I invented my own little rule to keep this in check: If i ever catch myself spending more time on camera sites/forums than actually photographing and editing, i take a break from the gadget-porn and forum wars and go out to do some shooting HFM, Great rule. Think I'll take a page from your book and bow out for awhile. I enjoy life much more from the view finder and less with the forum banter. I do get a kick out of seeing other people's work and reading their dialogs about how, when and where!
  7. Banned in China! A controlled society for sure. Guess that's why some companies recruit bottom rung labor. No great loss........
  8. WillH


    Yulp! Number two is a winner! Just shows, it's the photographer not the camera! Redstrand, had to see that shot before he clicked. HFM, still like your canal photo for the same reason......
  9. They did better than anyone else......not too bad. Bitter pill for some! :-)
  10. Like I said.....yet another fine example of mental troubles......sad, very, very, sad.
  11. I love X10 but I am still disapont that there seem to be so many little problem with it.. I think we ALL know about the cameras faults. We're just suck and tired of hearing the constant whineing about those faults. It's not so much what you're saying .....it's the manner in which you say it!
  12. WillH

    A few X10 photos of mine

    Wow! The last one is my favorite! They're all good but the last one just spoke to me!
  13. Nice and through review Also loved their little jab at the orb-obsessed loonies "If you own an original X10 and you're being followed around by white orbs, Fujifilm advises that you contact your local authorised service center for a free modification (or a psychiatrist, depending on whether the orbs are talking to you or not)" I saw that too! Seems we're not the only people to concluded that certain individuals clearly display classic mental issues.
  14. WillH


    Aww so cute Great pictures Thanks! Where ya been? Here's another. These croakers were in one of my drip irrigation boxes. Great bug eaters! The X10 is fun!
  15. That's ridiculous Will! You're on a site called fujixseries.com - how dare you like the product you weirdo! I am unable to even say I'm happy with my camera on DPR now as that makes me a "denier"... :/ I know me bad! But I do enjoy using the X10! They won't shut me up........ If they can bash, I can praise! I believe the intent of this site is, "to use and enjoy" not "bash and destroy" Fuji X cameras!