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  1. nippa

    DigitalRev - good supplier ?

    IIRC they have/ used to have a UK Warehouse to handle some imports. Almost 10 years ago I visited their old store in Star House , Hong Kong so they've been around a while now. I trust them
  2. I bought the transformer software to go with LR cc ( which I like ) and PhotNinja. A shot that I put into the Landscape gallery revealed detail that I just couldn't get out of LR even knowing that it was there
  3. nippa


    Generally I like LR CC for my RAW Conversions now leaving PhotoNinja to sit idle. I rarely find the latest LR creating mushy foliage as it used to. However , between the two clumpy bushes under the trees is a white fence that LR did not reveal and I couldn't get it to show. PhotoNinja brought up the detail as did the Iridient X Transformer dng file . ( At that point I decided that X Transformer was worth having.) I have other examples where ISO 6400 shots in varied artificial light were more successful with LR so there is still no perfect solution.
  4. nippa


    Iridient X transformed to DNG then LR CC
  5. nippa

    Iridient for Windows

    I normally shoot RAW and Jpeg but it was the RAWs that I was decoding into DNG for processing in other editors. Irridient output is clearly non standard DNG although I thought that couldn't happen! From Photoninja comes a clue " Can't decompress RAW file ; Unsupported filter pattern(0)" I've tried various output options but the DNG file is always unrecognised by anything I own other than Lightroom.
  6. nippa

    Iridient for Windows

    I'm also quite happy with LR5 and rarely use PhotoNinja now. For absolute sharpness I still use LR5 with FocusMagic (which strips the exif ). Although Define and the Topaz sharpener are on my desktop I've never found anything to better than the old FM.
  7. nippa

    Iridient for Windows

    Just been playing with this windows version today and quite like it. Very similar to PhotoNinja though. Can anyone explain why the DNG format cannot be read by PhotoNinja 1.2.4 or my Leica Camera? I haven't tried other editors yet although the DNG is read by Lightroom. Has the DNG format changed in recent years?
  8. I always said that I wouldn't sell my X100 but when I take the same shot with my X100S , it's the XTrans image that I prefer for both colour and sharpness. Actually the X100 lens was always a bit of a disappointment to me as it seemed inferior to my Leica X1's Elmarit lens ( I stil have that too! ) that is , until matched to the XTrans sensor and stopped down a bit. The Leica is a good used buy too.
  9. Rather like the British Library storing all books published in the UK and Ireland there is now a Google inspired plan to create a universal repository of all digital formats so that future generations can bring old digital copy to life. It was covered by BBC News the other day http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31450389 Some universities already do something similar.
  10. nippa

    RAW converters

    http://www.fujifilm.eu/uk/news/article/news/fujifilm-announce-a-new-free-raw-file-converter-with-film-simulation-support-for-x-series-cameras/ One to watch out for with support for older cameras later Personally I went with PhotoNinja but increasingly I'm ignoring it as I'm getting good results from LR5 using the max detail trick for XTrans file sharpening.
  11. nippa

    X-T1 : Pictures not sharp :-(

    Up to recent times I had preferred to convert my RAWs with PhotoNinja but after Lightroom 5.7 I started to warm to Adobe. This guy makes some useful observations especially the bit about pushing the detail slider up to 100% for XTrans files. http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/
  12. I bought PhotoNinja to use on my XTrans files and it's a fine piece of work albeit rather overpriced. Although I also have Capture One 7 on my desktop ( and Capture One 8 for my Sony ) I could never get enthused about it , even though results were better than LR5. Since LR5.7 something odd has happened. There was no mention of an improvement in XTrans handling but running old files through this new version I like what I'm seeing. Either I've changed or LR5 has ! I shall not be updating PN now.
  13. I'm a PhotoNinja user ; just couldn't stand LR5.6 on my X100S RAWs. Now after spending time with LR5.7 I rather like what it's doing to those same RAWs. It's probably all in the mind but I've decided not to renew PN for the time being
  14. nippa

    Tower of London

    I like these shots. I'm going down to see it next week. Perhaps it's worth pointing out to non Brits that each Poppy represents a lost live of a "British" serviceman meaning any soldier from the Empire not just the UK ...Australian , Kiwi , South African , Indian , Caribbean and many other former colonies! It's one artwork that seems to have caught the Public Imagination. Thanks for posting.
  15. Have you looked into the lens to see if the shutter/aperture mechanism is working? If it is , it may be worthwhile removing the battery for 15 minutes and then Resetting the camera ( setup menu 1 )