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  1. Glad to see someone is pushing back on old K1W1. I've been off site for a bit and have always had your identical reaction. There's nothing constructive about the man.
  2. Moved to eBay at a higher price. Sorry, wanted to give you guys first option. http://www.ebay.com/itm/321709084920?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Bump for a gorgeous camera.
  4. I'm with K1W1_Mk2 on the probable release date.
  5. @gryphon1911, good to hear you're back into Fuji gear. Seemed like a sudden leap out when you bought the df. An X100 man!
  6. And I can't understand how this conversation--started in April--is still going on.
  7. Leica straps are workhorses, last forever & used examples can be picked up inexpensively. They match Fujis well.
  8. Gracious & soft lighting. Nice work.
  9. pcg

    Dandelion portrait

    @geff, spectacular. @photogirl, a lovely variant.
  10. The takeaway from this thread is that each of us is responsible for testing the several decent options that exist, and choosing a workflow that meets our individual needs. Photo Ninja and Iridient (my go-to app) are most frequently mentioned. But these endless comments mean nothing until you personally try the software yourself.
  11. Richard, nice cropping lesson. Very cool for a lens I wd have otherwise rejected as gimmicky.
  12. As boulevardier wrote many many posts earlier, "Never try to keep up with the market place on a tight budget, and remember great photography has only a casual relationship with the camera you use." As I pause a moment from singing the Internationale, I am thankful for such simple truths. Thnx, boulevardier, for that nugget that got lost so quickly in all the noise.
  13. All of that being said, actual field shots w/ the new adapter are eagerly awaited. Like many of us, I suspect that as a Fuji product the lens IQ will be superb. But I'm not buying w/o seeing ahead of purchase.
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