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  1. jdsegra

    Zone Focus with XPro2, XT1 or XT2

    Do you notice any shutter delay, or does it feel instaneous?
  2. I've previously owned a X-Pro 1 and x100, but ultimately ditched them for film, and eventually Leica. I've really enjoyed using zone focusing and taking autofocus out of the equation. I'm currently saving my pennies for a Leica 21 Super-Elmar, but geeeeeeeezzzz it's expensive. With prices on the used market, I'm being tempted by an x-series camera 14 f2.8 and 23 f2. in my previous experience, zone focusing on an X had two big drawbacks: the INCREDIBLY conservative DoF scale shutter lag in manual mode, it appeared that the aperture would stop down and the camera would meter after the release was pressed and before the shutter would fire. Have these issues been addressed through firmware updates or the new cameras? Anyone out there with both Leicas and X Series that can comment on zone focusing with both?
  3. jdsegra

    Lightroom Release Candidate 4.4

    Happy day, if it's true!
  4. jdsegra

    soft case for X100+WCLX100

    @armecov, can you post a link to the ebay x100 case you were using before?
  5. jdsegra

    XF 14mm F2.8 sample photos

    Beautiful shots! I've been on the fence due to the cost, but you've talked me into it.
  6. Thanks! I think the 3rd one is my favorite. I like the composition of the lines and layers in the scene. It's interesting how people preferences are unique. My favorites are generally different than most. The shutter on the x100 is AMAZINGLY silent. Very fun to shoot with.
  7. @Christopher, good insight.... It looks cool for sure... I've been lusting after an M9 for a while. It's going to be harder to justify the M9 with the xPro-1 around....
  8. Looks pretty sweet to me. Disappointed to hear about the focus by wire lenses, cost, and the increased size. If it were full frame, I'd be more tempted to replace my d700. Anybody know if the lenses are crop lenses? It'd be cool if they happened to be full frame for another announcement down the road ....
  9. Sorry. Just found it. Is there a way to close this thread?
  10. Just made my first blog post with images from my newly acquired x100. A few of my favorites are below You can see more on my blog here: http://www.joshuasegraves.com/2012/01/crystal-bridges-museum-of-american-art/
  11. I'm a little late to the party, but I just picked up a used x100 and LOVE it. Enjoy the forum as well. Lots of good info on straps, bags, etc. Hope to upload some work soon. Anybody out there have a suggestion for a screen protector for the x100? I have a Giottos on my d700, but apparently there's not a x100 model. Thanks! ~ Joshua
  12. I'm looking for a minimal belt pouch that'll fit the x100 with hood as snuggly as possible. Any ideas?