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  1. Matt_k

    Weston Super Mare Airshow

    They don't get much better than that and the optics are singing.
  2. Matt_k

    My first studio portrait test

    Lovely portrait! Studio whites can be quite tricky but you nailed them! The colours are very natural and the pose is informal and delightful!
  3. Matt_k

    Camera Backpack Review Lowe Pro Sport 200 aw

    Thanks for taking the time to put that review together. User reviews from the photographers who actually use the gear are very helpful.
  4. I've been dragging camera gear around for 40 years and in the last few years have found that most of my bags have niggling faults. As I get older the faults get more annoying. Some bags downright slip off the shoulder the moment you put a coat on. I recently purchased a Lowepro Passport Sling II to carry my XPro and a few lenses and am delighted to find it is very comfortable...can be worn over the shoulder or across the torso for even more freedom of movement...and the gear is easy to get at. Purrrfect for me and I highly recommend it.
  5. Matt_k

    xpro1 ???

    18-55mm is no slouch and very, very convenient as a walkabout lens. And it's stabilised!
  6. Matt_k


    A beautiful image.
  7. Matt_k

    Embracing the Abstract

    The image..'frozen' is masterful. Wonderful work.
  8. I'm impressed with the quality of the blacks in the image.
  9. Matt_k

    XPro-1 on/off switch

    I haven't had that problem with my X-Pro but I have accidently set the camera to macro mode a number of times. You just have to set up a checking routine and get into the habit of running through it fairly often.
  10. Matt_k

    DIY Grip for X-10

    Did you make that cameratoo?
  11. Matt_k

    DIY Grip for X-10

    Did you make that camera too?
  12. The old manual focus Nikkor 105 and the Fuji X-pro are a match made in heaven.
  13. Matt_k

    For those with the 18-55 kit lens,

    The 80-55mm Fuji lens is an outstanding lens and capable of professional quality imagery if handled with a little care and expertise. I use it as my walk around lens about 65% of the time. It out performs some of my older Nikkor primes.
  14. I have scanned over 40,000 negs and slides of all formats with an Epson V700. It never missed a beat and the image quality was always excellent. I'd advise anyone who had a large number of negs to scan to buy one, scan all within 3 months and then sell it whilst it still has a good period of warranty left. You would only lose about $100 on your initial purchase.