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  1. Question (for me) is if this is the X-pro1 replacer? Or did i miss something?
  2. Being a part-time wedding-photog, I sold all my Canon gear and is now using x-pro1, x100 and from Monday also a x100s. It can be done. I've not had one unsatisfied customer. But I sure miss that 70-200f2.8 to pull in the background. But not enough to keep my Canon gear. It's all gone. Best thing is the loss of weight on my shoulders. Worst thing is the 60mm focus-chasing in low light. Can't wait for the postman to knock on my door and hand me a x100s;)
  3. @den_sh - Is that a rumor going on the net,or wishfull thoughts?
  4. @JanMoller Answer from kamerashop.dk. Seems like DK don't get the silver for quite some time. Only the black version. Mail: Hello Lars We denot get the silver in DK as it looks now. Estimated Delivery in Dk ended November according to the information we have in writing Good day. Sincerely, www.kamerashop.dk
  5. And especially after FW 2.0 the af-c would have been very useful, if it had just worked when half-pressed.
  6. @fiddlergene, might sound as a smart way. In real life (at least to me) it's not. I took my XP1 with 35mm to the streets today to test af-C at bit more. The idea might be good, but the problem is that when you point and the camera focuses, you then need to press the shutter all the way. When doing that, quite often, the camera will try to refocus and lock before the button is all the way pressed. That results often in the camera trying to focus by going totally out of focus and the click. If they designed it this way, at least they could have removed the try-to-focus-and-lock when half-pressed. Then we might have something useful. I am not a street-photographer at all. But i do a lot of weddings where shooting people in motion is a big part. Walking down the ile is one of them. And af-C is useless. So i guess i'll pray to the fujiguys to hear my prayers and make af-C a useful feature;-)
  7. @JanMoller, kamerashop.dk doesn't have the silver.
  8. @JanMoller, thanx. Hadn't seen that. Might just order it at kamerashop.dk. Usually England get's the camera's first. Well at least before Denmark. I'll ask kamerashop when they think they'll get it. Tak for tippet;-)
  9. PANASONIC LUMIX GX 35-100mm F2.8 apparently other manufacturers can make zooms without variable aperature. Allthough it is for the 4/3-sensors. It might be misguiding me/you in some ways i do not know about. But, to me it shows that Fuji ought to do better perhaps. [First Impression] Panasonic PANASONIC LUMIX GX 35-100mm F2.8 [google translated] Panasonic PANASONIC LUMIX GX 35-100mm F2.8
  10. Got my Kipon EOS-FX adapter today. Right now my xp1 has the heavy Canon EOS 70-200mm@f2.8IS mounted. Yep! it's heavy, but absolutely no problem to use since i use the lens itself to carry and balance. Manual focussing is hard. Especially when you zoom in, focus, zoom out and re-frame. But the images a gorgeous. Beautiful bokeh...
  11. @shangri, believe me, I am looking at all kinds of glasses right now. But as a starting point i've ordered the Kipon EOS-XF. Just to test if i can live with manual focus on wedding-jobs. But i will be checking out the Nikkor 135mm yu mention for sure;-) I still stand by my comment above: "if Fuji want's to market the XP1 as a pro camera, they should follow up with the right kind of lenses. And i honestly don't think the zoom's are. To me these varying minimum aperature zoom's are not for pro-work. At least not in the field's i am working. And i don't think i have ever seen a Canon/Nikon pro-photographer shoot weddings, bands, portraits etc. with a 18-55@f3.5/5.6 or so." Would it really be so hard to make a 135mm/f2? Such a lense along with the launch of the X-E1 + the pricedrops we see on X-Pro1, and Fuji would be stepping up the game;) If i was Canon or Nikon, and saw the lenses that comes our from Fuji in 2012/2013, I wouldn't be too afraid. At least not in the higher end of pro-camera's.
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