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  1. ...gets an unfairly bad rap, I think: https://capitalfaces.com/2017/03/25/the-less-than-perfectapparently-xf18mm/ just trying to even it up a bit, because I think this lens is great value.
  2. Took the X-Pro 2 and a few primes to the Med recently. https://capitalfaces.com/2017/03/11/back-to-the-primes-maltasicily/ All did great. :-)
  3. Thats another advantage - you can choose between compressed (25mb) or uncompressed RAWS (45mb) on this generation of camera. There is no difference in quality, that I can tell anyway....
  4. Yup, I did...X-Pro 1 to XE2, then got an X-Pro 2 early on. From a handling point of view, yes, an upgrade in every sense of the word. Take improved AF out of the equation for a moment, the user interface has improved, with more attention paid to the right side of the rear plate, enabling easier one-handed operation. The faster, more efficient processor helps too, as does twin card slots and weather sealing. The AF is better, but don't expect a miraculous improvement. Even with the most recent firmware, it still stumbles in poor light but in medium to good light its up there with the best, I think. Very quick. If you're a colour JPEG shooter, I do think they're better on the earlier models - especially those first generation sensors - though if you're a RAW shooter, the RAW files are superb with bags of latitude either way. I do think the ACROS setting is excellent though - in fact, this camera is the absolute best I've used for mono images, wether baked in or not. Fantastic tonal range and plenty of useful in-camera settings if you like tweaking before going in to post. I've no regrets at all. The X-Pro 2 gives me everything I want in a camera. But we all have different needs - I shoot street mostly, with a variety of AF and legacy lenses, and I'm happy. If AF speed is of high importance to you, you may want to look at the XT-2....
  5. Cheers for the comment - appreciated. I don't know if its due to having balls or not, I just like to push myself to get out of my comfort zone - I think its important, even if its just a hobby. Thanks for kind words and input as always Vic. Hope you're doing great. I did actually put a square crop up on my Instagram, but Im not convinced... Hope to see you around one of these days! :-) Thanks Marco - kind as always. :-)
  6. https://capitalfaces.com/2016/11/05/super-wide-street-shooting-w-samyang-rokinon-12mm-f2/ If you're interested in going super wide for street, this lens is actually pretty good. (Art UK, there's not much for you to slag off in this write up (other than finding street photography offensive, and we know that already), but as ever, I'm all ears)
  7. Might be worth passing this on to PhotoStealers if things escalate and you dont get things resolved to your satisfaction. Non profit or not, its down to the company in question to make due diligence and confirm all facts are correct...thats just standard etiquette. Good luck.
  8. This is awful. I'm so sorry it happened to you. Please do keep us updated on the outcome - the value (or lack thereof) ad agencies, companies and brands put on photography is nothing short of scandalous. I'd be fuming too. All the very best dealing with these arseholes.
  9. Yeah, Art, I was aware of all of this - and I dont care. Why you insist on pulling apart anything Fuji related, I have no idea. Are you working for Sony? You know this is a Fuji forum, yes?
  10. Small review on X-Pro 2's low light capabilities. Its a beast, but perhaps not much more of a beast than the previous beasts: https://capitalfaces.com/2016/09/25/fujifilm-x-pro-2-in-low-light/ (though it is a beast)
  11. Good question, Vic - I'd pay about 8k if it came with a lens. It wont be that cheap though, I fear the worthless pound will screw us and we'll be the same in sterling as it is in dollars. 10k. What I may do is get a body, and wait for an adapter for my Pentax 67 glass. I cant see adapting lenses being a problem as again, there is such a short flange distance....I guess we'll wait and see.
  12. I think this is a great move - and yes, I do really want one! I always figured a MF camera system was more likely than full frame. Fuji had got behind APS C with such commitment (wisely as it turns out) that full frame would have damaged both their reputation and sales of the original X series. Cant wait for images to appear...I'm positive they will be spectacular.
  13. Totally a healing confession :-) I feel so clean now! Cheers Longhiker.
  14. Thanks so much MadDog - I truly appreciate that. Cheers! It really is...Im a true convert. At least on vacation! :-) Cheers Marco. I do too. A powerful combo. Thanks!
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