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  1. Should never have asked! Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. X-Pro 2. But @veejaycee you are right, the X-Pro 2 has grown slightly, about 1 mm wider and 1 mm taller (not relevant for a halfcase). Some 3,5 mm deeper, primarily because of changed viewfinder design and possibly grip: X-Pro 1 - 81.8×139.5×42.5 mm [H×W×D] X-Pro 2 - 82.8×140.5×45.9 mm [H×W×D] But again my concern would be location of tripod mount and AF switch. An example of a (dirtcheap) X-Pro 2 case, that could maybe do it for a X-Pro 1:
  2. I am still hanging on to my X-Pro 1 but existing case needs to be replaced and I have spotted a few halfcases – nothing on the back, little on the sides and mounted with a screw in the tripod mount. But nowadays most of these are for X-Pro2; is the tripod mount in the exact same location? The AF switch? Surely, someone will be quick and point that I should just move on to X-Pro 2 - and I might at some point. Maybe I should just buy a case, and if doesn’t fit, buy the X-Pro 2…
  3. Essentially turning AUTO ISO off means selecting a specific ISO sensitivity. Some of the more automatic modes will lock the ISO setting to AUTO ISO, but in the P, A, S and M modes you can select any ISO sensitivity that will suit you through the Q menu. More on setting ISO from the manual: http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x30/menu_shooting/iso/index.html
  4. ...no faking - this camera has been loved! Spotted in this story; "A camera built to endure klutzes: the Fuji X-Pro 1" by Charlene Winfred (link).
  5. ...I think I mentioned a silver X-Pro somewhere and it turns out that official X-Photographer Jonas Rask did one. He is perfectly sane and pleasant to talk to, but at some point he just couldn't resist it; he had to sand it down: And it turns out he inspired this guy as well: https://ivanjoshualoh.com/2016/06/05/hood-hood-hurray/ Â
  6. @mikescri I don't think this is a Fujifilm specific thing - but it has only little to do with the photographic capabilities of the camera. When Pentax launched the MX-1 compact, the brass capping (which is hidden underneath the black or silver paint) was emphasized as a significant feature of the camera - it is even marked on the exterior of the camera (on the pop-up flash). The press release on the camera back in 2013 held these passages:   "...Classic and refined design   With its textured-rubber grip, and brass top and    bottom covers that develop a distinctive    appearance after years of use..."   "...the MX-1 develops a stunning patina    impressing a history on the camera with each   use..." More here: http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.uk/en/digital-compact/mx1.html And this guy has sanded/polished it down to check out the brass: https://www.ephotozine.com/user/joshwa-136701/blog/retro-digital-camera---the-pentax-mx-1-10185 Â
  7. I know very well that this can (re-)trigger some heated discussions - I know @pominpocket will agree, but I just want to share a couple of images I recently spotted. "Brassing" or "faked aging" (link to article on this transformation art) is not everyone's cup of tea, but here we go. The recent Lenny Kravitz Edition of the Leica M-P 240 (link) has stirred up quite some debates on this hipster phenomena - quite understandable as there is nothing real about it and it seems odd that this fake worn-out look adds anything. For sure my wrinkles (and they are real by now) and the corrosion on my car does not increase market value in any way. My worn-out Levi's might be a different story... Anyway, this dude (on a competing forum) accidentally scratched his new X70 and then decided to go full monty with a bit of sanding paper: There are some brilliant remarks in the discussion pointing out that using the Fujifilm film simulation (or indeed any post-processing) is also "fake" and even the styling itself of Fujifilm X series cameras is borderline faking. In the thread, some images of a bruised X-Pro 2 also appear: Not sure who did the above, but Fujifilm did their own version and in a recent article on the design work  (with many interesting mock-ups displayed) and production facilities (link), one images show an X-Pro 2 having undergone some  simulated aging process for testing. And this is serious business; Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) techniques are important in uncovering many of the weak links of a new product and test the durability of a product . Normally products that have undergone such testing are been scrapped, but I would say in this case, this X-Pro 2 looks quite good and has at least the same amount of character added as any "Lenny Kravitz Edition" - could be just as relevant a releasing a silver version... Could be interesting to see what the simulated aging has done to the LCD - hope it had some Gorilla glass fitted...
  8. Right, so I never really understood how things could fall off cameras without being noticed. But now that I look at my X-Pro 1 and it is missing the standard mounted diopter! No idea how it went missing! I am struggling finding an original Fujifilm replacement 0 diopter with rubber coating on the Internet. It seems to be refered to as a Unit Ring Finder - possibly with the part number FZ09210-100. Spotted one in Hongkong: http://www.fujifilmshop.com.hk/products.asp?lang=en&prod=129 Not sure where to find it within EU/UK - will need to have it shipped to Denmark. Any good links or reasonably priced ideas - I do know X-Pro 2 would solve everything for me... Or could it be that one of you guys have one of these lying in a drawer?
  9. Just a few threads on non-Fujifilm flashes and compatibility: And more on those voltages and mostly older flash units:
  10. Just in case all licenses are taken at some point; the PhotoRec tool can be freely downloaded for any OS and can recover more than 400 file-types (.jpg and .raf included) - even with partition structure lost: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec
  11. I am so totally into those convoluted explanations - and to add to your spin; in my native Danish, strand is the word for beach and in many cities the most posh address would be Strandvejen, literally the street by the beach or coast.
  12. @johnwillyums Street Photography? But smooth golden light...
  13. What worked so extremely well with the original trio in the site branding, was the lack of model names on the front of the cameras. It was hard to tell if it was a X100 or X100S. Or X10 or X20. Unless you're a geek, that is. But now theres a lot of other cameras, that should maybe go there. Some would argue that the X-T1 naturally should be there. And others would claim that the "original" X100 should stay. But I think that such discussions should be avoided and only smaller, semi-recognisable fragments of some cameras, lenses and accessories should go there. Macro images with limited DoF of a shutterspeed dial, an aperture ring, or the front of a lens is more than enough for us to recognise X Series cameras. In this way both "obsolete" and current cameras can be part of the branding. Inspiration at http://www.finepix-x100.com/en/gallery and http://fujifilm-x.com/en/index.html ... Could maybe even be a forum challenge; close-ups of X Series details and "DNA"...
  14. Page 48 and 90 - http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/manuals/pdf/index/x/fujifilm_xt1_manual_en.pdf
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