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  1. Thanks Franco. Indeed I will follow your advice. But I feel so unhappy about the X10... Eduardo
  2. Thanks for your support. In fact I will contact Fuji as soon as I arrive home. Unfortunately after this trip has ended... I am absolutely sure there has been no impact of any kind. Two minutes before I made a film. Closed it. And coulnot turn it on again. Upsetting... There must be more situations like mine, but probably they gave the X10 away and do not follow these discussions anymore...
  3. Good morning. Anyone has had this problem? I'm in holidays in Pantanal, Brasil, actually on my 2nd day, and the camera stopped working. The zoom ring is sticked to the off position and does not move. And believe me I tried hard. Maybe someone has had this problem and the solution is easy... I love the X10. It has everything I need in a serious travel camera. But I think I will get rid of it very soon. From the photograpic point of view it has ruined my holidays. Very low reliability...