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  1. topgazza

    Lens Control Error

    I had nothing but great service from Fuji with my X10 as well. No ones perfect and there are always going to be a few examples, perceived or otherwise, where the service is less than stellar. My experience has always been good and their comms are usually excellent as well.
  2. I did check for second hand X100's but they are far and few between and fetching high prices...understandably so. The X10 will do for now as the one I had originally took stunning pictures and maybe the next thing will be to replace my DSLR with the X Pro 1.... Saving already....
  3. Well...pressed the button on the X10 again as it sits above my Panny TZ10 as my grab and go with a bit of flexibility...but higher IQ. Appreciate everyones comments as it was a close call. Both are quite superb cameras......
  4. I also think that the difference in IQ is mainly an issue if the X10, for example, was bad. Its not of course and I find the X10 IQ to be astounding and on Velvia the colour rendition just top class
  5. "Zooming with your feet" is rather an over-simplication of focal length, and is only a solution if the reason you are zooming is because you can't be bothered to walk a little closer! The main effect of a telephoto (namely compression of perspective) is not something you cannot emulate with a wide angle, no matter how far you walk! I find that the majority of my landscape shots are taken at the long end of the range of the X10. I live in the South Downs of the UK, which is not exactly the Grand Canyon - it has gentle slopes and repeating patterns that in most cases can really only be captured well with a telephoto - using a wide angle it would all just look flat and boring! This is why as much as I like the idea of the X100 (and the increase in IQ), it just wouldn't fit the bill for me. The x10, on the other hand has a great range for walking and cycling in my area. "Horses for courses", as they say... That's something that has crossed my mind. The ability of a zoom to "compress" the view especially on those flatish landscapes is not to be ignored. I found I used the X10 at 112mm for fairly close shots as well and I think that flexibility, again, is something I enjoy. In some respects its a tough call indeed. The excellent Fujishop people have promised that they will find a refurb X10 with the new sensor in as well. How helpful can those people be without actually hand delivering it themselves ?
  6. I did find on my original X10 that I used the OVF from time to time when the light was very bright. Had to trust the "bleep" that I had focused on the right thing so it really only worked well for some shots. I use the OVF on my Sony A580 most of the time so its a bit of a concious thing not to have it, in effect. I have wondered if Fuji will bring out a X11 with a decent OVF with data showing but who knows or what effect that would have on the price...upwards .... My instinct despite getting p3t3or point is the X10. Its a refurb bargain at the moment
  7. topgazza

    Email from Fuji UK, Second Recall

    Second that...they put the other manufacturers to shame.....
  8. I get both sides of the debate. I did find I used the zoom for composing shots in camera and also for fairly close up shots of things like flowers where there was a fence or it was difficult to get closer. I know people who mainly use a 35mm 1.8 prime (50mm @ 35mm equiv)on their DSLR. But as a grab and go alternative to my DSLR where I have a 16-105 lens would I miss that 4 x zoom of the X10 ? Its not a massive zoom as jim points out but it does offer some flexibility. As I said before is the X100 quality that much better than the already excellent X10 to justify the extra cost. Thats ignoring the nice things like the EVF etc
  9. topgazza

    No "Auto Flash" Available

    Ah..that makes sense. thank you for replying. must check that book out. Its only my first day with the X10 and already I'm enjoying it. As a second camera after my DSLR...and in fact my Panasonic TZ10 its going to get a lot of use. So far the IQ is just amazing....
  10. I sent my X10 back for a sensor change and despite the usual superb Fuji customer service in the UK they seemed to take ages despite an email saying it was on its way back. So I politely complained and they refunded my money. I was a bit taken by surprise but kudos to them. I am about to but another X10 from them as I miss it but I then thought would an X100 be better and how people who have one get "used" to the fixed 23mm lens. I used the zoom on the x10 a lot to compose different shot but is the X100 so much better to warrant not having that ?
  11. I wonder if I have selected something in the menu that disables auto flash as when I am in A mode or any mode I only have forced Flash or Red Eye Slow available in the Flash menu. or is Auto Flash only available in certain settings