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  1. OK, the Leica is overpriced but takes care of own customers, whats not the case of Fuji... Surely you're joking? What do you make of the numerous firmware upgrade you got, way after purchasing the camera? Au contraire, I feel Fuji is taking excellent care of their customers, and their Kaizen philosophy only encourages me to repeat my purchase with the brand.
  2. Yeah, why even bother with full frame when you can go medium format?!
  3. Definitively a problem from the UV filter. I also had green reflections on my Canon during long exposures at night when I had the filter on.
  4. I have the XF 18mm and I'm willing to exchange it for the 18-55 zoom. Mint condition, barely used; not under warranty anymore but I have all the original accessories and box.
  5. hi ramso, I see that K1W1_Mk2 has answered you. I too used a 77mm diameter filter with a step-up adapter (49-77), so there is not as much stacking as in K1W1's picture. These step-up adapters are available cheaply on eBay. Here's a picture of my setup on that night.
  6. Sure you can set ISO manually, as with aperture and with speed... but I totally understand that in changing light situations (and by laziness) it's easier to leave it on AUTO ISO with a minimum speed. Thank you Fuji for the focus peaking! Please add the AUTO ISO with minimum speed and my X-Pro1 will just about be the best camera in the world :-)
  7. Thanks Vic for your nice comment. I've written a bit more on the process and how the Fuji is so great for this: blog.danielpfund.com/2013/06/long-exposures-with-fuji-x-pro1.html
  8. Not sure those settings can be saved between ON/OFF cycles :-( Anyway, if anyone is interested, here is a set of pictures I took in Paris using the X-Pro1 and XF 18mm lens with a ND1000 filter: Paris Long Exposure Set. The Fuji is a very capable machine! I'm also in the process of writing a blog article soon about Long Exposures with the Fuji. Stay tuned!
  9. yes, same method for the hot shoe. But they did also add some extra ring in the lugs while doing the job. I think the new X100S also has those re-inforced lugs.
  10. 3 weeks sounds like a lot... until you know it was 4 weeks for me ;-) I too had to pay for shipping. It seems like they send it back to Japan for fixing or who knows where?! But in the end, I got my X-Pro1 back like new. So the wait was worth it (for me; I don't rely on my camera for income).
  11. Looks great; thanks for the writeup atrendall. How does the grip feel in the hand? It seems a bit off and to the right in the pictures.
  12. Yes, as Collas alluded: some drops of nail polish remover (acetone) will do the trick. This whole nail polish story may even make a good hook up story for your next girlfriend ;-)
  13. hi Franco, Sorry to hear all that. I too lost my eyepiece; now I've put some transparent nailpolish on the threads when I screwed my replacement back in. Holds perfectly in place now! Might help somebody.
  14. The way it happened was when I tried to take off my flash from the hotshoe. It was a bit tight, and maybe it got too much up/down pressure instead of sliding? I'll have to send the camera in for repair after Christmas, as Fuji Switzerland told me it would take 3-4 weeks for a repair turnaround. On a DIY style, does anyone know if there exists any good metal to metal glue?
  15. Nikon lenses (with the aperture rings) are really great with the X-Pro1. I got a cheap 50mm/1.8 Series E lens and it's gorgeous with the Fuji. You can see some pictures on my blog. Look for my X-Pro1 review.
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