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  1. X-Pro2, 27mm pancake -- Acros and Classic Chrome
  2. It's a good all rounder, fast focusing, and compact.
  3. The Olympus Pen-F 38 mm pancake is very nice on the X-Pro2. The 25 mm f2.8 Olympus Pen-F lens works well as well (focuses very close up). Acros processed out of the camera. Â
  4. I'm with you on the ISO dial -- I think it works well. Not sure why so many people don't like it !
  5. Three digital cameras I will never get rid of are the Leica M9P, Leica Monochrom, and Fuji X-Pro1. I regret getting rid of my X100 for an X100S. Sometimes the IQ on certain cameras is sublime. The Fuji X-Pro1 IQ is sublime :-) Many people prefer it over the X-T1 and more recent generation of Fuji-X cameras. The X-Pro1 price is very good these days, so unless you're after slightly faster AF, it's a great choice.
  6. Hi, I'm a bit stumped here. The time on my XT-1 is set correctly to the time where I live, and I have not configured a time difference. But the time stamp on the files on my Mac are 7 hours behind of when they were really taken. So if I take an image at 4 pm (displays 4 pm on the X-T1), the timestamp of the file on the Mac is 9 am. Any ideas ? Rob
  7. I think it's a great lens. http://www.robertwisbey.net/minolta-rokkor-mc-24mm-f28-on-fujifilm-x-pro1/
  8. I sold my X100 LE a couple of years back. I've recently imported all my X100 images into LR6, and looking at some of the files from it, I'm simply stunned. I currently have the X100S, but thinking of picking up another X100. Those of you who own or have owned both X100/X100s cameras, do you prefer the images from the X100 ?
  9. Primes : 56, 35, 23. I haven't used the latest 2.8 zoom, but I suspect it might be quite good in terms of IQ, but big on the Fuji-X bodies.
  10. The 35mm is a must have for the Fuji-x system. The X-E2 is great value for money. Having said that, the original X-Pro1 is a great cheap alternative if you want an OVF without all the near-latest "bells and whistles" functionality.
  11. Everytime I type the word "Goldstar" the screen dims. =))
  12. I caved in and ordered one. Your fault zentech
  13. Damn, I feel a bit gutted. I have an imac, and a Cinema Display. For my work (using a Windows laptop), I recently purchased an iiyama LED screen for 500 euros. That LG monitor is awsome, and cost 240 euros more. If only I knew it had existed. Anyone want to buy my old iiyama monitor ? :-/
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