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  1. UPDATE: shutter lag was fixed with the new firmware update! @artuk @veejaycee
  2. @veejaycee and @artuk Here is the update. Camera behaves the same even with a mitakon lens (fully manual) so aperture dance or AF settings are not the root cause. Tested on 2 more xpro2's from some friends and showed same behavior, so I do not have a faulty unit. Seems indeed its a firmware issue, as the camera does some processing before releasing the shutter (causing short lag for first shot) then does it again for the next shots (causing now a long lag). I tried deactivating/activating exposure preview and pic effect preview, but regardless the combination of settings, the camera behaves the same. It does the same in OVF, EVF, ERF, LCD. I recall having the same sort of the same issue on X100s and X70, but XT2/XH1 do not. I'm starting to think its because of lack of power processing, maybe due the lower heat dissipation of rangefinder styled bodies. Its a shame because the main use for my xpro2 is street/documentary and it just fails on responsiveness and I did lost a lot of shoots because of this. I had not had any issue with XT2/XH1 in this regard. Seems I may have to let go the xpro2, hopefully fuji fix this on the xpro3.
  3. @veejaycee will try with setting priority to release, I already tried all your other suggestions and did not worked for my intentions. Strange its that even in manual focus (camera does not have spend time focusing) it lags, it opens and closes the diaphragm every single time shutter is pressed and it does not do it quickly. Thank you
  4. When in single shot mode, or focus locked with back button or manual focus, I always been able to shoot the X-T2 as fast as I could stab the shutter button repeatedly. Several shots per second, no problem.X-Pro2 doesn't behave like that. In the same escenario, same settings and lens, the camera makes a pronounced pause after every shot. It's shooting only on every second or third shutter button stab, approximately. It lags even at the first shot in manual focus.I've learned that Imaging Resource calls the phenomenon "early shutter penalty". Their X-Pro2 review found that the camera suffers from it. On burst mode it doesn't pause, after a few tests I realized its because for every shot in single shot mode, it opens aperture to its largest, making f5.6-f16 the slowest, and f2-2.8 the fastest. I do a lot of street or documentary work and I need to shot like this from time to time. Burst mode doesn't work as I do end with a lot of almost identical shots. Is there a configuration to fix this? or is just how the camera firmware behaves??
  5. Indeed what you mention is my approach when traveling. I was thinking on getting the 16-55 to pair it with the 55-200 on 2 bodies, as I am starting to get tired of changing lenses all the time with primes. Even that I don't shot at 1.4 a lot, I wasn't sure about it. Now it makes more sense as you explained. Thanks @artuk for taking the time to provide your insights
  6. @artuk what will be your recommended kit for classic travel photography? I always struggle selecting the gear for each trip. I want it to be as simple as possible but not limiting. I had traveled with just x100 or with 3 cameras, tripod and 5 lenses and always use all I bring. I enjoy carrying less, but I prioritize getting better pictures. Your comment (some.people travel and find subjects that suit a 35mm Equivalent lens) made me think if, for the sake of practicality, our gear selection ends dictating the shots we get?
  7. @farrell Thanks! after your suggestion, I did see the lens has some play when mounting, so cleaned the contacts and tightened the lens when mounting it and seems the issue is not appearing anymore, not sure if due this action or that I started to use the lens (it was stored for about 1 month)
  8. I was able to reproduce the issue now, does not seem to be stuck blades. If I use it between f2 and f5.6 it works as normal, it opens or closes..... If I go past f8 and then go back to f2, blades open only from f8-f16 (at f2 it opens at the same size as f8, and f16 as f16) It wont go back to fully open the blades until I unmount the lens and mount it again (turn the camera of does not work). Seems to me that unmounting the lens resets or reboots it and then it works again.
  9. thanks, but its out of warranty, bought it a couple of years ago
  10. Seems that is the case, at f2 it was stuck somewhere in the middle, after several actuations it fully opened. Now its working ok, but I guess will fail again eventually right?
  11. I'm consistently getting 3 stop darker exposures with my 35mm f2, regardless camera used or aperture setting, vs all my other fuji lenses, all being equal. Other way to see it is that I get ISO 3200 on the 35mm f2 vs ISO 400 to 640 on 7 different fuji lenses, same composition, same lighting, same speed, same aperture, same camera. I understand light transmission could be different from lens to lens, but 3 stops? Is this normal for this lens or its defective? Thanks
  12. I do not travel or shot weddings carrying a computer. I know the math, I do shoot normally 2-6K on travels, 1-3K on weddings. Just want to know if its safe to use single 128 instead of 4x32 so I can simplify. Right now I carry 384GB (with 384GB backup) and that is 12x32 and 3x128 If I switch to128's I will need only 6 cards..... or maybe 6x64 + 3x128 (backup) I will need only 9. Some people swear not to use large cards and use several small ones instead to avoid risking the data all at once (in case of corrupt card, stolen/lost card) but its getting complicated to manage 15 SD cards per travel. Also changing cards can be problematic while traveling.
  13. I normally shoot RAW+JPG and use the backup functionality of X-Pro2/X-T2 to have some peace of mind when traveling or shooting weddings. I currently have 4x32GB backed up to a 128GB card per camera, but card management had became an issue. I was thinking in switching to a 128GB backed to another 128GB per camera, since its already backing up, I do not see a problem.... but what do you think? would I risk too much with this? Thanks
  14. Sure, I do not have a tripod nor filters, I do have the 14, 16, 23, 56 and plan to get the 55-200. For the bags I have a small domke as I'm mostly street/documentary photographer. I was thinking to carry a backpack with the 14 or the 16 (heard the 16 is not good for astro), the 23 and the 55-200, a tripod/ball head, panorama nodal rail and a set of filters. I'm struggling with the tons of options available specially on the tripod/ball head and type/size of filters. Thanks!
  15. I want to start doing more serious landscape stuff, like long exposure, panoramas, light painting, star trails, etc. but have been struggling on the gear needed. I'm trying to build the simplest and lightest but capable landscape kit. Currently have X-T2 and X-Pro2 and in my next trip I plan to use both as it may snow and will be difficult to change lenses. Would you mind giving your advice on what tripod, lenses, filters, bags and accessories would help me to get better landscape pictures? (technically speaking, i.e. not blurred, good colors, etc. I know I should provide the eye ) Thanks in advance!
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