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  1. just to make a quick point.. the legacy adapters add about an extra inch and a half to the length of vintage lens.. so definitely not pancake or as short as the XF lenses .. something extra to think about..
  2. Regarding the use of legacy Pentax lenses, I use a 1.7 smc a Pentax 50mm with a cheap no name adapter which cost 10 uk pounds from ebay and works perfectly, with the XT1 set to manual focus and focus peaking as an aid it is very simple to focus these old lenses. You can even magnify the view finder image when focussing. Brilliant and nothing much to go wrong with the lens either other than dust and fungus ! HOWEVER ! they are much slower to work with.. you have to take care about what you shoot and many folk think this is an advantage. So if you want fast autofocus forget the Pentax manual focus lenses. { I also use a 135mm Pentax which is super too, but no image stabilisation so one has to use a tripod to get a decently sharp image] So.. which lenses should you get, money does not really seem to be an issue? stick with primes, either of the 35mm are super for street and portrait and all round use. The 23 mm is lovely too.. if you want loads of fun and crisp images outside get the fab. 90mm otherwise stick with the 56mm which is faster. Good luck regards Drew
  3. Hi Richard. I use a 50mm SMC Pentax a 1.7 on my XE2 which is fabulous see blogpost here https://gallerylefey.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/fuji-xf-35mm-1-4-versus-pentax-smc-50mm-1-7-does-modern-vanquish-vintage/ and also a recent acquisition Pentax 135mm which is also great but with no image stabilisation, tough to use in low light. i have had the Helios 58mm but I did not find it so good as the Pentax either for sharpness or Bokah. maybe I had a poor version, so I sold on Ebay. The Olympus 50mm 1.8 auto lens was also nice but again I prefer the Pentax colour rendition, maybe just personal taste. I also use a Hoya 80-200, yikes it is crazy, no image stabilisation and the zoom creeps like mad, you have to break off the linkage to make it fit. no clarity but lovely colour. The Pentax manual 55mm f2.0 was the worst ever, terrible colour cast, lacked sharpness even stopped down. Given these lenses are forty or fifty years old beautifully made,solid and pretty cheap they are amazing
  4. thanks veejacee for such a full, helpful and measured response. I have the X100 and XE2 plus XF35mm 1.4, I love the X100 colour and filmic rendition and thought maybe the old XPro would be similar, Obviously I have a budget restriction too,Regards and thanks Drew
  5. Help! I want another body with short tele. lens, both these combinations work out about the same price . Any thoughts... ?
  6. Am I right in thinking that Classic Chrome is available as download for Lightroom? In which case I suppose you can always get the approximate look there.. anyway my old [ancient by todays standards!] X100 still is a favourite go to workhorse for me..hehe
  7. Hmm .. you have two fabulous lenses but no body. The Italy trip won't be the only time you use your camera gear. Buy the X100T which is fabulous camera and will be perfect for Venice, forget the wide angle converter and instead put your money towards a new body, maybe the XE2 or the new xPro when it comes out. Solved.
  8. I have just traded in my Pentax K5 for Fuji Xe2 with 35mm 1.4 lens. Very happy with both the body and the lens, which is super sharp, even wide open. Depends on your needs but I like the 50mm equivalent for street and walk around stuff. I also have X100 with the 23mm lens which I still find superb. It is perfect all rounder, I have played with the 100T and it is smashing. Just before you decide though, I purchased a £12 cheap PK to Fuji FX adapter off ebay and my Pentax legacy lens's, including 50mm 1.7, work brilliantly on the XE2, manual focus and focus peaking might be a game changer for you.
  9. It should be fine, I recently updated firmware on XE2 and !00S on Macbook using Safari, both files were larger than Fuji indicated. I went ahead with the firmware update without any issues.
  10. thanks veejaysee. To be more clear I have the X100s and was wondering if it was worth getting the 18mm to use with my XE2
  11. You have one chance to take one photo with one Fuji camera and one FX lens, where would it be and what gear would you use?
  12. How does the !8mm lens compare to the 23mm X100s lens? Focussing, sharpness, focus hunting and noise and so on. How much wider is the extra 5mm equivalent say for landscape or architecture. Be intrigued to have any thought and opinions. Cheers Drew
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