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    X-T10, X10, iPhone6+
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    Kit 16-55mm, some old Pentax lenses in combination with a K-to-X-mount adapter.
  1. (can't offer any insight, other than saying my 18mm f2 does the same thing, so keeping an eye on this topic)
  2. Thanks to all for the replies. Today I was planning a trip into Amsterdam with relatives over from Scotland. It's drizzling a wee bit, so no Biblical downpours like the past few days. I'll take my chances then, keeping the camera under my jacket as much as possible.
  3. Having owned a variety of Pentax cameras over the years, and having seen how much a Fuji prime lens costs, I've been buying up lots of Pentax lenses, coupled with a K-mount to X-mount adapter. I've found some lovely lenses this way including a 28mm f2.8 (50 euro), a 50mm f1.7 (30 euro) and a 135mm f3.5 (60 euro). All manual focus, but you get used to that real quick and the image quality is pretty good for the price. Have a look at this site for some options - CLICKME!!
  4. Right, so summer has decided that ever since I got the XT10 instead of the XT1 ("I don't need no stinkin' weather sealing!"), this would be a good time to move straight onto winter. It's basically not stopped raining the last few days. So I was wondering: just how water proof is the XT10? Can it stand a bit of rain/drizzle, or do I need to treat it like a Gremlin and not get it wet at all ..?
  5. A bit late to the party, but I had (or rather, still have) the same problem with my X10. The sound went, so no more systems sounds (which I hate) or shutter clicks (which I love). Not too much of a problem, but the video also no longer records sound. Again, not a huge problem, my iPhone 6+ takes better quality video anyway, imho but still ... So it looks like the speaker & microphone are bunched. But other than that, the camera works grand. It takes pictures. Silently. Very silently.
  6. Thanks veejaycee, I've found it now, thanks. I must have read over that bit, or didn't quite understand it (probably that one).
  7. Hi, I've had the XT10 now for a day or so, totally loving the experience (quality + usage + fun factor). However (there's always one), there's one thing I cannot figure out. Sometimes, when adjusting either the aperture and/or shutter speed (using the dial) the camera switches to 'M' mode when I'm expecting it to 'A' or 'P' mode. The manual doesn't seem to explain, hoping someone here can help.
  8. Hi, i'm interested in getting a(nother) lens hood for my X-T10. Only, I'm not sure what the diameter size is. It's the standard kit lens (XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS). In particular, I am looking for this kind of hood because it looks so good (imho) http://www.prophotonut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/XF16mm-with-lens-hood-1.jpg Can anyone help?
  9. Thanks to all for the replies. @k1w1_Mk2 - it's an "SMC Pentax-F 1:4-5.6 35-80mm" lens. Kit, i'd imagine. Still works though, very smooth and fast and from the testshots of film I took the images are pretty sharp and colourful. I'm leaning towards the X-T10 because weather sealing is not a big deal to me (I don't do rain) and i can live with the slightly slower buffer speed of the XT-1. Most of the stuff I photograph remains stationary anyway, so .. The touchscreen would be nice but it's not worh the extra grand it would cost me. For €799 (670 sterling) I can get an X-T10 with a kit lens, or for €675 (about 565 sterling) a body only. The two Pentax lenses would be extra stuff to carry around, the three combined enough to get me started on my way.
  10. Hi, apologies if this has been asked before. I was given an old Pentax MZ5 by someone who was throwing it out. It's a lovely camera, uses something called 'film', whatever that is, and it comes with two great(ish) lenses: the standard kit lens and a Sigma 18mm-to-somethingorotherpossibly200mm lens. In an attempt to keep costs down, from reading the interweb, these Pentax camera have a K-mount, and apparently you can buy adapters to fit K-mount lenses onto the Fuji-X bodies. So, with an adapter fitted would those lenses fit the X-T10 or X-T1 body that I'm thinking of buying? If so, what are the caveats to this? thnx!
  11. Hi Vic, thanks for your reply. I've tried both (setting the shutter volume to '3' as well as setting the silent mode to 'off') but no effect. I've just tried to record some video - on playback there's no sound either. I suspect the internal speaker may be knacked. Oh well.
  12. The words havn't been invented to convey just how much I want one of these :-) Oh, and +1 what @Bego says.
  13. "Does the X10 have a face detection mode? If you use it" It does, but it prevents you from changing the metering (it sets it to 'multi', i think, dont have the camera here). In fact, I had face detection mode set in my C1/C2 presets that I use. Only when switching that off can I change it. It'd have been nice to be able to change that with the Fn button, but alas.
  14. Thanks for that - like i said, it's such a photography basic 101 skill, but my mind completely blanked :-)
  15. My contribution to the Lego Photography theme: meet Captain Lego!.
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