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  1. misty3

    the food gallery [x100T/XT1]

    The X10 can take some tasty shots.
  2. My X10 " died" after approximately 20,000 pictures over 2 1/2 years of continual, not so caring, fairly non delicate 24/7 travel usage. Lens assembly replacement needed. Have sent it off for repair a couple of days after buying an X30. Have a sneaking suspicion that the X10 when returned, may well be my main every day camera when I travel again at the end of January 2015. Will take X30 in my suit case as backup. From past experience, should get several years of top quality images and reliable service from the X10.
  3. misty3

    Wireless connection

    Hello Brucex30. Have an X30 in transit to replace a much loved but well worn X10. What is needed to enable wireless connection to my laptop while traveling? Desktop PC connection at home will be no problem.
  4. misty3

    Linux users check this out. GTKrawgallery

    Linux is quite widely used. I have used it since 1998 for my main home use system, while my work place used Win. My last 8 years of employment was as a windows system administrator so am equally familiar and proficient with both. Linux systems have always been more stable and safer than any Win operating system. 98% of what you want to do with Win systems can be done with Linux. A virtual machine or dual boot system gives the stability and safety of Linux, plus the ability to run any desired Win program. Problem is that computers come with Win due to commercial arrangements and the uneducated majority presume there is nothing else available.
  5. Happened to me after 18 months of hard use. A small smear of contact glue to both surfaces seems to solve the problem.
  6. misty3

    wich Fuji for travel photography?

    Depends on what sort of trip you are on. As I live for several weeks to several months in the places I travel to, I need a pocketable, take every where, use every every day camera. X10 has proved to be a brilliant camera for this scenario. Obviously an X20 would be probably the choice now. Any thing larger means you probably do not have it with you all the time. If you are only traveling for a week or so, or continuously traveling every day for a longer period of time, I presume the X100, or any X series interchangeable lens cameras would do nicely. I think it comes back to what camera are you happy to carry with you all the time. The camera you do not have with you when needed is useless......
  7. Better service in Australia. View finder started to only be in focus at full zoom. See below an email I sent to a friend yesterday. Got the X10 back today. View finder replaced, general service and clean, plus a recalibration to manufacturers specifications. Now feels like a new camera despite scruffy appearance. 90 days warranty on the new viewfinder. No charge and an apology to me for my not being able to use the camera. Only expense was posting camera to them. Have heard of companies refusing warranty claims that are made within days of the expiry. I did not even mention warranty to them, sent no receipt, though I did tell them I had bought it in Shenyang (China), 17 1/2 months ago. (About 10,000 pics taken in first 12 months). I reckon they saw how scruffy the camera now is and realised how much use it had had, and guessed that I probably was much enthused with their product. Nothing but a Fuji for me from now on. Oddly my first proper digital camera many years ago was a Fuji. Then followed Olympus, Konica, 2X Pentax DSLR, Samsung, and then last year, a Fuji X10. DSLR now only used for action stuff, which is very rarely. Have found the X10 to be the best all round travel camera I have owned. http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/fuji/finepix2800-review/ http://www.dpreview.com/news/2001/9/11/fujifilmfinepix2800z
  8. Use IrfanView. Is a Win program and free. I run Linux and have run IrfanView under Wine for many years. Depending on what you want, it can be configured to get the date from exif data and put it on a copy of the picture. Its batch processing facilities are brilliant. You can re date pictures and add titles/locations etc. Is very very configurable.
  9. misty3

    My first camera!

    Excellent pictures. I suspect, that you, as I have found with my X10, EXR, macro, and maybe portrait mode, can produce first class results 95% of the time. I find that the X10 is a camera that makes the photographer very happy.
  10. misty3

    X100 Cats.

    My contribution. An interesting dog as well.
  11. misty3

    X20 Review

    If one has plenty of money and has to have the latest toy to play with, selling an X10 to get an X20 makes sense. Seems a majority of X10 users, including my self, have been more than happy over the long term, with the excellent all round performance of the X10. Why pay a large sum of money for a more fancy viewfinder, that may or may not be of value, plus a problematical increase in image quality? Therefore, if the X10 has not been satisfactory,(only the owner can decide this), cough up the money and purchase something that hopefully will do what is desired.
  12. misty3

    My first year with my X10.

    Excellent every day shots. Should be more of these non posed/non contrived/non processed efforts posted. This is where the X10 really shines. X10 has to be the best travel camera available from my experiences. http://www.flickr.com/photos/misty3/
  13. Should be more of these "real life" pictures posted. I like them very much. Well done.
  14. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.