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  1. Bad corners on 25mm has nothing to do with field curvature. It's the sensor that's not capable to handle steep light angles at the borders of the frame. The lens is extremely sharp on film and digital Leicas.
  2. den_sh

    Go for the X-M1 or the X-E1 (or M4/3?)

    I'd wait for X-E1S until the end of this year http://www.fujirumors.com/more-detailes-about-the-x-e1-replacement-could-be-called-x-e1s-and-have-x-trans-sensor-ii/
  3. I don't see a point of a small body that isn't comfortable to hold and has tiny magnification OVF like X20. I would pick X100S/X-Pro1 any day instead of this.
  4. White balance. Never had a problem with af selection on the left. Maybe because I'm mostly using center point.
  5. den_sh

    Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 MF X Mount Lens

    The opposite: it is easier to focus a fast lens for two reasons: brighter image (not so relevant with EVF though) ... Brighter image is quite important for EVFs too as with more light you'll have smoother EVF refresh rate.
  6. If you want to get X100S for portability reasons you should also consider getting 27mm f/2.8 pancake that is going to be released any time soon now. Unlike camera body it won't loose %50 of it's value in a year and will still be with you when you upgrade to newer body.
  7. den_sh

    I pimped my X-E1 Do not try this at home

    We need more photos. I don't really understand what's going on there.
  8. p.s. Forgot to mention: free shipment across Switzerland.
  9. That's the comparison you are probably talking about. Imo, if you care about portability, 14mm is no brainer. If you can afford paying twice the price and 2-3x the weight, one of Canon's TS will offer you much better creative tools for landscape. If you want to the shallowest DOF get 24mm f/1.4 but it won't be even half as useful as TS for landscape due to lack of perspective (shift) and DOF correcting (tilt) capabilities. The differences between color gradation you are probably talking about are mostly due to the differences between real (16mp vs 24mp) and apparent resolution (lpw). Comparing images at 100% on the screen isn't the way to assess quality. You should either downsample to smaller common denominator (e.g. 12mp) or compare prints of the same size. If you don't print than the problem of possible smearing is mostly irrelevant (unless your audience looks at pixels but not photos when you publish them).
  10. den_sh

    Zeiss Touit Lenses for Fuji X Mount !

    I guess you wanted to post this link.
  11. den_sh

    Zeiss Touit Lenses for Fuji X Mount !

    I also prefer Auto focus so I do not even use my Nikon lenses nor do I have the adaptor. But these lens do have auto-focus capabilities!
  12. Your results look very good but I would personally use smaller aperture. Shallow depth of field on half of man's face doesn't seem to be very appropriate here.
  13. For some reason it feels like a longer telephoto primes (e.g. 135mm equiv, 200mm equiv) are the only lens missing on the current roadmap. Everything else is pretty much covered. And in my opinion they would make more sense in term of portability and quality than 55-200mm zoom. I guess we need to wait another year and see if this happens.
  14. """Remember that large maximum apertures are a hangover from film days, when ISO was limited/restricted to a single value (often a low one) and photographers needed to get as much light to the film as possible.""" Ehhh... Right, that must have been the only reason. He has no idea what he is talking about, doesn't he? No, he apparently is just a person who has actually been paid to do photography for two decades, has published books on photography, and has a very impressive collection of photographs on his website. He doesn't know diddle. Gosh I bet the experts on DPR can tell me what to think. In other sentence he says: """If anything the lens is a little too sharp, and I found myself applying softening in places to create a greater sense of distance-reality.""" Can he seriously be not aware of dof separation that is given to you by using faster lens? Instead he shoots at f/11 (and there is no way it's the sharpest aperture value on APS-C btw) and applies softening in post. He either ignorant or writing a puff piece paid by Fuji. In either case his article should be taken with healthy pinch of salt.
  15. Thanks for your response den_sh:) Hmmn. I shall have to give this some thought. I just received my X-E1+18-55 zoom this morning, and I'm really pleased with it. It does feel perfectly balanced with the zoom on. It certainly would look strange with the Samyang on the front:) It's just that I intend to sell my X100 and a Panasonic GX1. I've hardly used the Panasonic. I've had excellent results from it when I have, but I really miss a viewfinder. Also, the X100 is such a great camera, that's the one I go to first. I intend to use the money from the sale to finance another lens. It's unlikely I'll have the chance to expand the kit further for a long while. So I want to pick an essential lens that I'll actually use. From what I've read, I think the zoom will be fine for those focal lengths. I'm not sure I want go much wider, so that leaves the 60mm. Unless I wait for this 55-200. I'll have to make up my mind before I even put the cameras on Ebay, or the money will just disappear in my bank account:) Cheers, John You should also consider one of 75mm or 90mm lens for Leica M mount. They are usually much lighter and smaller than similar lens for DSLRs. Although faster ones are extremely pricey you can get small and compact Rokkor or Elmar-C 90mm f/4 for $200-300 on ebay. The best thing with leica glass is that it doesn't seem to loose value over time. So if you buy something used you'll most likely be able to sell it for the same or higher price later on. Most of the Leica's 135mm lens are relatively cheap too because it's not very popular focal length due to rangefinder focusing difficulties. On the other hand if you want ultimate reach Fuji's 55-200mm will be the most useful lens purely due to auto-focus and 200mm longer end. I'm personally eagerly waiting for 56mm f/1.2. I love 85mm equiv focal length and I don't think that I'll ever need anything longer. Plus it's going to be f/1.2.