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  1. I have this on my X-Pro2 and it works a dream, a relatively light combo. I used to have the old 35mm on my X-Pro1. It is a significant improvement.
  2. Go with what suits you best, keeps you happy with making photo's. Regards
  3. I have to say that a leather camera bag of those dimensions, once full of photo gear and a 15" laptop would be very heavy. I would suggest as an alternative the Domke F-802 Reporter's Satchel, which has 7 compartments and pockets Padded side walls and bottom, rigid top panel Reinforced handle is box-stitched to top of bag Adjustable Gripper Shoulder Strap is sewn completely around the Satchel for support I have one of these that I use as an attache bag, papers various bits and pieces and one of the pockets holds my Fuji X100T, spare battery, sd card and lens hood, contained in a Billingham pouch and there is plenty of room left, whats more it is very discreet and does not shout 'CAMERA' Good luck
  4. Nearly two years on: For a bit of street shooting with my X100S/T I still use the Billingham Hadley, or Billingham L2, If I am using my X-Pro or X-T1 I plus flash etc, will use my thinktankphoto Urban Disguise 40, however if it is raining I will use my Billingham 107, as I know my gear will stay dry
  5. The Nissin i60 is now available on pre-order from some UK outlets, for between £239 & £289
  6. Don't wait it's a great camera. Get one and get using it.
  7. I now use the Braided Polyester Cord & Leather Fixed Length Camera from Cordweaver, they are not only strong but also comfortable. I use red for my black bodies and black for silver bodies. http://www.cordweaver.co.uk/index.php They work well for me.
  8. My patience in waiting for the new X-Pro 2 finally snapped [forgive the pun] and I bought this beauty [not the Canon printer!] I bet the X-Pro 2 when it is released comes with a bag of chocolate biscuits! Must have a laugh occasionally!!
  9. Check out the Nissin i40. I use one on my X100T, X-T1 & X-Pro1, very satisfied with it, comparatively small and quite powerful for it's size.
  10. Either the X100T/S would be excellent for walking, good for weight excellent IQ. Whilst I have the XT-1 & X-Pro I would still take one of the X100 series for travelling.
  11. Looks good in monochrome.
  12. The other day I went out with my gear in my Billingham 107, no sooner had I stepped out than the heavens opened a sudden very strong windswept but short lived deluge, anyway the water just bounced of the top flap as it was designed, everything inside was dry. Unlike bag makers of nylon bags that advise the owner to place a protective cover over your expensive nylon bag, Billingham bags are waterproof, period
  13. Amazing piece of reportage, X-pro's going from where Leica's left off?
  14. A concise and well written piece. I utterly and totally agree. I am probably biased as I have two x-pro bodies and I just love using them mostly for indoor work, my X-t1 for outdoors mostly because of the weatherproofing. Fuji glass, well you said it all. Cheers
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