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    a well used Fuji X10 and a new Fuji X-T1
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    stock fixed on X10, and 18-135 WR with OIS zoom
  1. windtogo

    RAW processing software

    I've just started to use RawTherapee 5.2 editing software. It was simple to download and setup. I'm just an amateur and recently upgraded from an X10 to a new Fuji X-T1, so for me this editor is very powerful and complete package. rawtherapee.com
  2. windtogo

    Flash for the X-series

    I've chosen a Fuji EF-42 and ordered it from my local shop; Camer Kingston, where I purchased the camera and lens.
  3. windtogo

    Flash for the X-series

    I'm an experienced old X10 user and tomorrow I'm picking up a new X-T1 with a 18-135 lens, complete with new software. I'm not very skilled with using a flash. Please. Suggestions for what I should buy?
  4. windtogo

    Newbie with a Fuji X10

    Ditto on Alexander White's book, get it on Amazon, well worth the money. It will answer all your questions and I'm sure will teach you a lot; it's been great for me and was suggested by another member. My X10 is awesome, it's had a software upgrade and a major overhaul/repair covered by warranty. It has traveled coast to coast in the tankbag of my motorcycle; not really a very comfortable life for a camera. I've taken about 40,000 shots with it. Best advice .... tripod, tripod, tripod. Or at least hold it against a handy solid object. Second best advice ... I regularly use the 2 second timer as a way of eliminating any jiggling during the exposure from the shutter button. Third bit of advice ..... if you take many pictures some of them are bound to be good. windtogo.wordpress.com
  5. I had the same problem, I called it a studder and the image skipped when zooming. Fuji did a complete repair, and updated the software under warranty at no charge. Awesome service! Only cost me one way shipping of about $25CDN. At the time my X10 was about a year old, I'd taken approximately 10,000 pictures and it had travelled with me on a motorcycle riding coast to coast jostling and shaking about in a case on top of my fuel tank. One tough camera body; great Fuji service and support from my local Camera Kingston store.
  6. From Amazon I bought Andrew S. White's book called Photographers's Guide to the Fijifilm X10. The camera's complexity and poor manual, combined with my low level of experience and understanding photopraphy was trouble for me. I was frustrated. Another forum member suggested the book and I've progressed to the point that I think that I can fairly say that I'm now an experienced amateur approaching professional results. I love my X10 now and can conscistently use it technically correct with a variety of settings to get the result that I want. I'm now experimenting with the creative side of my brain.
  7. I just got it back after a month of patiently waiting and under warranty, no cost even for shipping, Fuji replaced the entire lens. Must be a modified version because the on/off feels different and the switching is much smoother.
  8. windtogo

    Fantastic Fuji Service

    Warranty: My Fuji X10 developed a problem: the image jumps mid-zoom when zooming in. Although it did take a month of patient waiting with no communication; Fuji replaced my lens at no charge. It must be an improved design because the on/off switch works slightly differently and much smoother. The old focusing ring was never stuck or jammed but I expected one day it might fail to operate so I sent it in while it was still under warranty. I'm very happy. I like the camera, it's well used, having taken at least 9,000 pictures and traveled coast to coast with me on my motorcycle adventures. windtogo.wordpress.com
  9. My X10 is with Fuji and I'm waiting their answer regarding warranty. The problem is probably in the image stabilization mechanism and or the focusing ring. The camera works ok but when zooming the image takes a jiggle about 1/3 of the way through the zoom. I expect one day the ring will jam stuck so I've sent it in. Wish me luck.
  10. windtogo

    Photo blog tool recommendations

    I find Wordpress simple enough that a luddite like myself can learn to use it. It's also got many very sophistocated tools that I'll never use but not in my face that confuse me. Ever read any interesting blog and give up trying to comment because it's just way too frustrating? A benefit of Wordpress is that it allows readers to make comments easily without having to struggle through difficult security blockers; yet secure for the wordpress blog owner. All comments must be individually "allowed" by me so I have control to allow or deny any comment. windtogo.wordpress.com
  11. windtogo

    Alexander Whites book

    I just got the book today thru Amazon. At first glance I'm sure it will be more way more helpful than the Fuji manual. I needed an explanation of what some of the camera features and modes will actually do.
  12. windtogo

    New X10 User - Tips and Pimps

    Excellent quality lenshood/adapter for only $7 including shipping LH-JX10 perfect fit. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/170930816490?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  13. windtogo

    Camera straps - What do you use?

    In effort to keep everything small for packing I use a piece of spectra cord long enough to go around my neck. It is a small diameter and holds a knot well so easy to fix onto the camera and it's impossible to break or wear through. My recent motorcycle travels see windtogo.wordpress.com
  14. windtogo

    Fujifilm X10 Filter Size

    I bought a 40.5mm Rocketfish circular polarizer at Best Buy on sale for only $10. It does screw on only about 1/2 turn but adequate to secure it and doesn't bind or damage the threads on my Fuji X10. Maybe not the greatest quality filter but it fits ok and will allow me to get some pictures that otherwise, without a polarizer, wouldn't be satisfactory. So for only $10 and a no hassle refund policy you can't go wrong.