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  1. MadDog


    It sounds good enough on paper, but I guess we will see later on when it gets into the hands of professionals. I definitely like the larger body format and vertical power booster kit. I think this would be an awesome body to go with the 50-140 2.8 lens. Especially for portraits or anything else where you want a focal length near 135mm (35mm equivalent). This kit with taxes will be close to $4,000. That is a pretty good chunk of change. I suppose if you are a professional, a couple of jobs would pay for pay for them. Interesting camera though.
  2. MadDog


    From what I have read in the press releases and the few reviews - it has the same sensor as the X-T2. So what are we really paying for other than Eterna film simulation?
  3. MadDog

    Still life of my desk

    Very nice
  4. MadDog

    Help me win something

    If you feel my before and after photos merit a like, I would appreciate you clicking on the heart icon at the lower right corner of the photo. Thanks for your support! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/contest/photos/lanscape
  5. MadDog

    I'm so old........

    I miss opening up the film canister and smelling the fresh film fragrance before loading it into the camera. Then mounting anticipation as I patiently waited for my pictures/slides to be delivered by the mailman.
  6. MadDog

    Kunsthistorisches Museum

    I also love that wide focal length of the Rokinon lens. The interior lighting really is special here. Great designers.
  7. MadDog

    FS Black X100T with TCL-X100 and WCL-X100

    So will you ship to the USA?
  8. MadDog


    Amazing work. One of those rare photos that speaks for itself.
  9. MadDog

    Old RR Station

    How did you get the frame and your name at the bottom?
  10. MadDog

    Kunsthistorisches Museum

    Love the natural lighting. It adds so much character to the shot.
  11. MadDog

    The Carizzo Plain, CA

    I agree with Ost....looks like an oil painting. Just beautiful how you were able to make it look that way.
  12. MadDog

    Summer Ride

    Wow. This picture really makes me want to take off down the road and just high tail it outta here!!
  13. MadDog

    Glencarr Waterfall - Co Sligo, Ireland

    Great job.
  14. MadDog

    Ally in Astia film simulation

    Yes the Astia simulator is great. How did you get this shot? Did you use a softbox or white reflector to get the even, shadowless lighting? Great job by the way.
  15. MadDog

    Wedding photography - warts and all

    Wow! That was an awesome motion picture (literally) of a wedding - beginning to end. Not entirely convinced however that the camera is to be thanked as much as the talent of the photographer. It takes real world experience to shoot like that and the talent is definitely there. Great job!