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  1. Oh yeah, I have a Canon FD 50mm f1.4. One of my favourites. Mine cost £55.
  2. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    Hi @Arthur 666 and Happy New Year to you too. The reason I was considering alternatives to Fuji lenses is cost. The XF lenses are great but are up to ten times the cost of a vintage prime lens. And I didn't know the answer to my question, which was actually, to rephrase it, does the 16-55 duplicate the 18-55, what else do you get for the extra cost. Happily, Vic answered that question for me with a mini review of the lens in question. So I have loaned my son my Helios 44-2 58mm f2..8, my XF18-55 and he has a Carl Zeiss Jena 28mm lens I got him for Christmas, giving him a walk around prime, a portrait and a zoom setup. This leaves me without my main zoom. And that is my challenge. Do I do without or do I replace it, and if I replace it, what with. Right now, I carry my Canon G5X travel zoom camera for when I would have used the 18-55 and take primes with me to use on the Fuji. I am definitely up for selling/trading my XF27 and XF55-200 as I hardly ever use these two. I have a modified (by me) Industar 28mm f2.8 prime on a tiny M39 adapter and I really don't do much telephoto work at all.
  3. The below picture of me was taken on my X-T10 by the proprietor of my local second hand camera shop in Leeds a while back when I was choosing my Helios 44-2 58mm f2 M42 screw fit lens. The lens was bought together with a camera for the princely sum of £30, around $40. These lenses are rock solid, but go cheap because they are old, quite basic and often full of specks - but you can't see the specks in most situations. My son has his own X-T20 and this lens is one he has chosen to borrow for a while, along with my XF18-55 and I bought him a Carl Zeiss Jena f2.8 28mm OM fit for £40. The Helios lens exhibits good out of focus rendering and often you can get swirly artefacts which are quite attractive. I think this pic might have a little bit of that going on in the upper left, although I had to compress it a little to upload it. Whilst the price is low, the lens is solid and therefore heavy, and by the time you mount it on an M42-FX adapter the whole setup is a little bulky, and this is my only drawback.
  4. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    Does sound a bit harsh actually. Have you read all the thread? And welcome to the forum by the way. As Vic pointed out above, in my second post I explained he is a film maker. He actually has a degree in Film and TV Production. The lenses he has rented for those movie cameras are worth tens of thousands each. He is no novice. He will be borrowing my 18-55 long term (as he lives in London and I live in Yorkshire). The manual lens is for exactly the reason Vic said, to learn how stills photography works and to appreciate the difference with movie work. As for other comments, he can only afford the body so wanted to ask if I would help him buy a lens before he commited to this camera. Only then did he realise I have a Fuji too and we discussed lens sharing. I shall not be buying any new lenses but will make do without the 18-55 for a while. To be honest, if I want to do Auto stabilised shots, I’ll probably pull out my Canon G5X. I pretty much exclusively use vintage primes now on the Fuji.
  5. RichardCFrost

    Fujifilm XT-2 Digital Camera

    And location. Happy to bid £25 for the lot, including delivery to the UK.
  6. RichardCFrost

    Samyang 8 mm

    First and most obvious thing to do is to set 'Shoot without lens' to on. I believe the Samyang has no electronic connection to the camera body, so the camera needs to be told to shoot irrespective of it not detecting a lens.
  7. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    Spotted that @NOTLU but after shelling out for the camera, that lens will have to wait. Bought him a vintage lens instead as a surprise.
  8. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    Thanks a bunch Vic. Very helpful.
  9. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    Thanks Vic. He’s actually a film maker. Started out with a Canon EOS but after Uni he has been using some very exotic Arri Alexa, Red and high end Sony and Canon kit. He wasn’t much into stills until he went to Japan this Spring and I loaned him my compact Canon G5X. This got him intrigued I think. Looking at the price of the 16-55, I might just wait and see how things develop. For that sort of money I can buy a half decent synthesiser! Has anyone any views on the relative strengths of the 18-55 and the 16-55, given they cover a very similar focal range? I get that the 16-55 has constant aperture but a friend with a Canon L series lenses tells me that this can compromise sharpness when fully open. I told him Fujinon lenses are second to none and walked away, smiling.
  10. RichardCFrost

    Lens Advice

    I think I know the answer but let me ask anyway. I have not bothered anyone on here for a while... My son is wanting to get into photography and has identified the X-T20 as his body of choice. He did this ignorant of the fact I have an X-T10 by the way. He never asked me for advice, just did his own research. He lives in London and I don't, so sharing lenses is possible but not 100% convenient, given I see him around once every three months. Anyway, my question is around which lens he should get. He wants the 18-55 and I have offered to loan him mine. It just occurred to me this morning though that he could consider the 16-55 and then we would not both have the same lens, or would not be attempting to share a single 18-55 lens. I haven't overlooked the option to gift him my 18-55 and buy a 16-55 for myself, by the way. Whichever XF lens he gets would be his only one, although I may treat him to a Canon FD prime 50mm or 35mm if I can find one. So how would you compare the two for general landscape, architecture and portrait use for a skilled amateur, bearing in mind it would be his only lens. Thanks..
  11. Want to buy an X-T20 Body for my son. Preferably in Silver. Is anyone selling or spotted any used bargains or great deals?
  12. RichardCFrost

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    Sometimes these old lenses have limited range on the focus. I know the Industar I have could not focus closer than 15ft until I took it apart and removed the focus stop. Now it focusses right down to 1cm but if you aren't careful you can unscrew the entire lens assembly. 🤔
  13. RichardCFrost

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    I've had a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 for some time. Cost me around £60 and £10 for the K&F adapter. Last time I visited West Yorkshire Cameras in the acorn Exchange in Leeds I picked up a 1.4x multiplier and a set of 3 extension tubes for £1 each in the 'junk' box. FD is a great format if you are into manual lens photography.
  14. RichardCFrost

    Canon FD Adapters

    I use that lens with the K&F concept £10 adapter. Think the lens was £60 or so from West Yorkshire Cameras in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Awesome combination. Full aperture control from the on lens ring as AdamW describes.
  15. RichardCFrost

    Interesting Observation...

    Hmm. No sooner do I say this they launch the X-T20! I shall need to hang on to my nerve and wait a good nine months I think.