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  1. tkpmep

    Lens Control Error

    Bought mine in December, just had the Lens Control Error today. Bought it through Amazon, but it was sold by an Amazon merchant (17th Street Photo). Have started a dialog with Amazon / 17th St/ Photo, but not sure if t will be dealt with by Amazon, 17th Street Photo or Fuji. Will keep the group posted.
  2. The XF1's strengths are it's superb available light photos, particularly when set to 6 MP mode - you want to ignore the flash most of the time. There is very little noise and the JPEG's are very nicely processed. It's compact and stylish, and has a very useful collection of features, particularly its DR priority mode.
  3. I've experienced exactly the same huge shifts in white balance and have given up trying to fix this by changing one or more settings - I have yet to find a combination that works reliably in varied settings. I've come to the conclusion that there are only two situations in which the flash on the XF1 is usable: 1. At night, when it is the dominant light source - don't even think of using it for fill flash. 2. In daylight, when it can be used as a fill flash. You'll have to grapple with two issues though: a. The power can be adjusted only over +/- 2/3 stop b. The battery gets run down depressingly quickly In fairness though, if the camera is set to the 6 MP mode, the available light pictures are superb, and there is often no need to use the flash.
  4. tkpmep

    Fill Flash on the XF1

    Thanks - this is a useful tip. I aslo find that the white balance can get thrown off when using fill flash, and can make skin tones look very sallow. I'm increasingly inclined to think of my XF1 as an available light camera that creates very good 6 MP images.
  5. I think you are right. I finally found the information I needed where I wasn't looking for it - at the very end of the manual, in the specification section, where it spells out the number of pixels on each axis at various aspect ratios. At 4:3, L corresponds to 4,000 x 3,000, M corresponds to 2,816 x 2,112 and S corresponds to 2,048 x 1,536 or roughly 12 mp, 6 mp and 3 mp. When the aspect ratio changes to 1:1, these number change to 2,992 x 2,992, 2,112 x 2,112 and 1,536 x 1,536. I suspect this is done by just cropping the longer dimension. If only the manual were clearer and more informative! THe JPEGs are very good, and I have no particular interest in RAW, so I am looking to get the best possible JPEG picture I can. Thanks for the pointers.
  6. tkpmep

    Fill Flash on the XF1

    I'm not sure we are talking about the same camera - the flash on the XF1 doesn't rotate - it just goes straight up and down.
  7. I've read in various reviews that the 6 MP JPEGs in the DR400 mode look particularly clean, and generally better than the 12 MP JPEGs that the camera can also produce (see, for example, the review at http://blog.mingthein.com/?s=xf1). I have set the picture quality to Fine, but see no way to set a 6 MP or 12 MP mode. The manual is, to say the least, poorly written and is thoroughly confusing - this is not the first question I'll be posting on this board, and I'm very appreciative of the help and the pointers that readers offer.
  8. The flash on the XF1 seems to have a range of only +/- 2/3 stop, which, even at the lowest level (-2/3 EV) is too much for fill flash. Is there a way to set the fill flash to say -2 EV or so? If not, does anyone have thoughts on alternative ways to just add a little pop to a photograph?
  9. I've just received my new XF-1, and would like to set the JPEG size to 6 MP. Unfortunately, I don;t see any obvious way to do so in the various menus, and the manual isn;t much help. Does anyone have some thoughts on how I might do this? Thanks in advance