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  1. Great shot. Reminds me of a trip I took to the White River National Forest. I stayed in Buena Vista and have expansive views like this.
  2. justingould

    My first year with my X10.

    Thanks from me as well. It's good to see others' images. You have some great ones in there.
  3. @stblank Good thought. I tried a series of shots but couldn't get the effect to reproduce with the halogen lamps in a ceiling. Will try to find some others.
  4. Thanks @davidpulchra for doing the field research! From what I read on the German forum the setting most impacted is DR400% on Medium Resolution setting. This might be the ONLY combination affected. I never saw the sun today, but will try some alternate settings as soon as possible to see what's what.
  5. Thank you @flysurfer Great to read that the one setting I had picked was the one affected. Am much happier now and looking forward to testing.
  6. Thanks for the replies @mattmaber @Stblank @weisgrau No sun today to try some other settings, but I'll try some non-DR options when it's next sunny. Otherwise, it looks like it might just be a limitation of this particular camera. I'm surprised though that the reviews didn't mention it because tech reasons & gamut besides, I've not see it this bad on a camera for a long time.
  7. I'll try some 'non-DR' shots of the sunrise/set as soon as we get another clear day. If it turns out that DR mode should be avoided for shots like these then that's something I can live with, but I do want to rule out some tech/sensor problem with my X10.
  8. P.S. There are more details in the EXIF info on Flickr, although I did crop the image in PS so that might have adjusted/added stuff. Looks quite informative though... http://www.flickr.com/photos/_justingould/8333514991/meta/in/photostream
  9. Thanks. I have programmed some settings I found on DPReview; M 4:3 image Fine JPEG ISO auto 3200 DR 400% -1/3 on exposure dial Drive mode AEB +/- 1 I'll also try some more shots & settings when the sun is next out. I'm suspicious it might be the DR feature trying to add detail to the highlights area around the sun? Would be great if you/anyone else can reproduce similar however.
  10. Here's another example ... I am using the DR 400 setting, so i would have expected the exact opposite of this pink posterisaton to be honest. All suggestions / tips welcomed. Justin
  11. I do have version 2 software, so maybe it's as you say. It's a disappointment if that's the case, as I shoot into the light a lot and all the shots had this effect. I would have expected a more graceful treatment of the area around the sun. It's not exactly uncommon for people to want to snap sunsets.
  12. Thanks. Is there a way to tell which sensor I have?
  13. Hi there, Got an X10 for Christmas and am really happy to have this camera as it suits my style and has every feature I could want. However, on my first photo session today I was horrified to find nasty pink banding around the sun on the shots I took. Here's an example... Is this a sensor issue that might suggest my camera has the old sensor? FYI, I imported the photos to iPad, but have not experienced this effect with my old Canon DSLR. Thanks in advance. Justin