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  1. from the release notes on 1.01 > The phenomenon is fixed that in MF mode, a focus can shift in a specified condition (ex. repeated CL shooting). Have you gotten a name for the issue from Fuji? What are they calling it?
  2. @Martin2 — the second one in the window is great.
  3. Yup, as tagged. At least the two I threw up today. Everything on this page here is from the first weekend I had it, camera JPEGs all except for the one of the skull and skateboard and the second one of the heart hanging from the ceiling. https://ephemeral.be/albums/philadelphia/
  4. I don't know about you guys but I am feeling like a very talented guy for being able to use this camera in spite of all these faults.
  5. sweeze

    Out of the Kitchen

    Wait staff at Heritage, Philadelphia.
  6. sweeze

    ACROS in Philadelphia

  7. I'm pretty sure it was Pat la Roque's description of the AE/AF and Autofocus not having to refocus -- so possibly relevant but only for AF. http://www.laroquephoto.com/blog/2017/1/10/x100f-dawning-of-the-age
  8. So, the workaround can be a hassle and I get that, but I think something about the X100F makes it less cumbersome because of what you can assign to the wheels. I didn't have it handy and I am still trying to remember where I was reading about this, but it sounded like the rear dial and the front dial push could be essentially BBF and lock. It made sense when I was reading it which is why I'm frustrated that I can't find it again! There are obviously many street photographers using the X100-family happily. I use an X100s and haven't felt like any shots I missed were shots that my camera missed but obviously you feel differently and I get that. The X100F is probably going to let me work with autofocus, I've very rarely used it, even at weddings.
  9. I don't know what the going market rate is for the X100S but I sold mine to a friend with a bunch of accessories and batteries for USD $500, but they're a good friend that I want to encourage to pick up photography. I don't imagine the value of the T will drop much over the next three months, surely whatever price it fetches now has already taken a hit from a revision? (Maybe not! I only have a couple of cameras that I'm outright stalking on eBay.) @robtimko There are some different characteristics with the focusing system in the X100F from what I read. I'm not saying so-called Aperture Dance isn't a problem but I think there is a reliable workaround that is available. It has always sounded like a design decision rather than a bug to me, I'll try to find the article I was reading.
  10. I don't have mine yet until B&H ships it, but the consensus seems to be that the properties of the lens are unchanged — expect it to be a little dreamy at ƒ2 and much sharper at ƒ2.6 and really get razor sharp between ƒ4-ƒ8. I've loved the shit out of my X100S and it's really allowed me to grow as a photographer. I skipped the T in spite of liking some of the enhancements there but the F is too good to miss for me. I think I'd be really agonizing over it if I owned a T like you, I would probably pick up an F second-hand when they start hitting the resale shelves.
  11. Good catch Dennis on the display indicator.
  12. It typically is due to setting it to Auto-DR in the menu, or by using a custom settings profile that applies it. #duck
  13. "We're joined now by one-time photographer petera, who spends several hours a day staring at internet forums and writing comments on internet forums about how internet forums are a waste of time. What would you like to say to the people at home, petera?" Some people on here would do a lot better if they actually went out and took some pictures instead of just talking about it "Yes that's just the kind of pithy insight we've all come to expect from a man that has truly forgotten more about photography than we could ever know."
  14. If you look at HCB work his images were not right in the face of people. LOL