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  1. Clearly nobody is interested in these items - I have decided to withdraw the items and will donate most to charity - Thanks for looking - Kind regards - Adam.
  2. B + W UV MRC coated clear haze Filter ( 62 mm ) Purchased May 2017 B + W Circular Polariser MRC F - Pro ( 62 mm ) Purchased May 2017 Battery for Fuji XT2 - Ansmann - Purchased May 2017 Manfrotto Advanced camera holster - Top opening Price - £45 for all items plus postage Unfortunately will not accept any offers as I consider this a very fair price. Thanks for looking.
  3. Fuji X-T2 plus Fuji 23mm F1.4 lens for sale. All boxed. Only 2 months old and in immaculate condition. No marks / scratches. Camera purchased from Jessops UK and lens from WEX UK. I have receipts. Also included Artist and Artisan strap 103N Black with red leather accent and 2nd 3rd part battery. B+W ( polariser and uv ) filters. Also comes with additional fuji hand grip. MHG grip. Finances force sale. X-T2 - £900.00 stirlingLens - £425.00 stirlingAccessories - £50.00 Stirling
  4. Filters Sold - XT1 Cover Set still available £5.00 including postage
  5. 62mm pro 1 circular polariser - £20 plus post - Reduced to £15 plus post 62mm pro 1 uv - £15 plus post - Reduced to £10 plus post 62mm pro 1 ND x 16 - £20 plus post - Reduced to £15 plus post Or £32 plus post for all 3
  6. Lens Hood and Remote now sold. Filters still for sale.
  7. Hi Everybody , Am I asking too much - I'm curious. Adam.
  8. Hi , I thought that I was going to lose my job however I have now had a last minute reprieve, I think. I will have to place a hold on this sale until I know more . Sorry for any inconvenience. Kind regards, Adam.
  9. feel free to make sensible offers ps fuji uk honor warranties on grey market goods ( i.e Digital Rev ) assuming receipt can be produced
  10. Price reduction XT1, 23mm F1.4 plus accessories price reduction Fuji X-T1 Fuji 23mm F1.4 4 batteries ( 2 original fuji / 2 non fuji ) + Artist / Artisan 103N strap ( Black ) Fujifilm X-T1 Handgrip ( MHG XT ) Extended Fuji Eye Cup Equipment as new - 3 months old. Fuji X-T1 ( fuji refurbished model - came with 12 month guarantee ) - No light leak issue Fuji 23mm F1.4 lens ( purchased form Digital Rev ) - Excellent lens / No issues 4 batteries Fuji X-T1 hand grip £1,250 Adam.
  11. Why ? Because they can. It's a free market. Supply and demand economics are at play irrespective of any perceived morality issues.
  12. My favourite camera was a Rollie B35. Small , yet great image quality. The camera is a tactile object that is able to freeze a moment in time - A tool to record a social document made up of images which evoke memories of days gone by.
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