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  1. RSHPhotography

    Ally in Astia film simulation

    The only post production was some slight vignetting to darken the edges, 23mm, not cropped.
  2. RSHPhotography

    Ally in Astia film simulation

    Thank you. This is natural light coming from a window to the left of the model as well as obviously from behind her. No, I used the X-E2 meter, possibly with a bit of fill-in light from the camera flash filed by -2 I may have used a bit of fill-in light from the camera flash dialed back -2.
  3. RSHPhotography

    Ally in Astia film simulation

    I find myself more and more shooting Jpeg. I love the film simulations. Astia is one of my favorites. These Fujifilm Jpegs are so good they require little and often no editing.
  4. RSHPhotography

    What I'd like for an X--E3

    Yes, obviously it would. But the telephoto feature lets you do the composition as you photograph the image and as you visualize the image at the time, not wait until you're hooked up to your computer.
  5. RSHPhotography

    What I'd like for an X--E3

    I'd also like to see an X-E3 with the telephone sensor crop for the times I want to travel light with one lens.
  6. I notice the new X100F (as well as the X-Pro2 and X-T2) use a battery called the NP-W126S. Will this battery be interchangeable with the NP-W126 used by my X-E2?
  7. RSHPhotography


    Thank you.
  8. RSHPhotography


    Shot with Fujifilm X-E2, 18-55mm lens, F3.6 1/60, Astia film simulation
  9. The Yongnuo RF-603 wireless flash trigger looks like a great buy but it doesn't come in a Fuji configuration. Does anyone know if it would work with my Fuji X-E2 to fire off camera my Nissin i40? Would it be the Nikon model or the Canon version that would work with my X-E2? Thanks for the help.
  10. RSHPhotography


    Rachel shot with a Fujifilm X-E2, 18-55mm lens.
  11. RSHPhotography

    Charger light blinking

    Thank you very much for the advice. I've shot for more than 10 years with digital cameras, first with Nikons, now with Fuji cameras, and I've never before had a problem with a battery or a charger. So I'll try shooting with the battery to see what happens and try again to recharge it. (I always carry a spare.) Again, thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. While recharging the Fujifilm battery for my X-E2, the charger light started blinking. The instruction book says a blinking light indicates a battery fault. Can the battery be saved? Is it safe to use since in the camera the back screen shows the battery is fully charged. I haven't used the camera with that battery. Does the battery have to be replaced?
  13. RSHPhotography

    Shooting Street with the X-Pro 2

    You don't need to be defensive about your work. Your street photography is outstanding.
  14. RSHPhotography

    VF playback image dim

    OVF is fine. The LCD/EVF brightness adjustment is set at 0, so I realize I can turn it up. I understand that the back panel LCD can be hard to see in sunlight. But I guess I was a little surprised that the image (playback as well as EVF) in the VF would also be dim.