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  1. SOLVED The issue was traced to the focus stacking feature. I'd set it to more frames then my 16GB cards could hold. The PNY is 64GB which is why it wasn't affected.
  2. Strange one this. All of a sudden my Lexar and Sandisk cards have stopped working with the XT3. When I turn the cameda on it says memory full, even though I have formatted them both on a computer and in camera. That's 5 cards, only a old PNY card works. This little yesterday it was fine, today it isn't. I have even reset the camera to factory hoping that might clear it. Any ideas on why this might have happened?
  3. Seen this great deal on Amazon UK for the 56mm. It just seems too good a price. Fujifilm XF-56mm f1.2 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HXBROLC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_m2sVBbNN0GDZ0 (not an affiliate link)
  4. Just to inform, and generic 2.5mm cable release works with the X-T3. I bought this one for £7 off of Amazon
  5. I'm selling my Fuji X-T20 now that I have the X-T3. Everything works except the popup flash. For some reason that doesn't and I only found out the other day as I've never used it.Thought I'd do a video rather then pictures. £400 including UK shipping CORRECTION, NO EURO PLUG
  6. Thanks Vee, I have a cheap XT2 bracket that I did have to modify to make it fit. It'll do for now. Won't be long before they appear on eBay.
  7. .. I'm delighted with the camera, massive upgrade from the XT20 for sure. Never had a camera with duel card slots before. Regarding that, currently have it set to RAW to slot 1 and Acros to slot 2. But the EVF is in B&W. Can I have it be colour yet still have Acros selected on the backup or with the EVF always show the film simulation?
  8. So I'm hoping to have my XT3 next week and while I wait I was looking at those XT2 'L' brackets that have the little extra grip on them and got to wondering if they fit the XT3. Has the shape of the grip area on the XT3 changed at all to the XT2 This is the type of bracket.
  9. Thanks, I'm reassured that I haven't bought a dud.
  10. Just bought a used 60mm and have noticed the AF is loud there's a whine when focussing, just wondering if that's normal for this lens? Cheers.
  11. I know people love to hate this guy but would love to hear others thoughts on this Hypersync he's got working with Fujifilm cameras. I personally don't have the gear to try this out.
  12. If you're looking at doing landscape there is some gear that isn't even photo related (that's been covered above) that you need to invest in. So if you're going to be out in the wild, make sure you have the correct personal equipment, no good having the camera stuff if you've got hypothermia. Walking boots Water proof outer layers Down jacket Thermal underware Glove/Hat Layer Clothing Hiking/Nordic poles Learn to read a map/navigate That's just a start, now I don't know where you live so some of the gear won't be needed. As for a back pack, Personally I use a Mammut hiking back pack and a insert for my gear. Allows for stuff like food and water, most of these so called dedicated hiking camera bag don't even have a place for a bottle of water. I will just add, lenses wise you're set but if you where to look at getting a new lens, and you budget allows, the 10-24mm is absolutely stonking. Big, heavy and awesomeness.
  13. Not entirely sure TBH, my guess is the K & F adaptor is acting like an 50mm extension tube
  14. So at present I have my batteries stuffed into an old filter pouch and it works ok. But I'm always on the look out for other ways to carry my batteries, I usually take six, I know it's a lot but I'm terrible at remembering to keep them charged. So how do you guys carry/store your batteries while out?
  15. For me I've never had an issue with the Top-Max and ExPro brands of batteries and chargers.
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