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  1. SnapPuppy

    Hypersync Flash

    I know people love to hate this guy but would love to hear others thoughts on this Hypersync he's got working with Fujifilm cameras. I personally don't have the gear to try this out.
  2. SnapPuppy

    Landscape and Astro Gear Advice

    If you're looking at doing landscape there is some gear that isn't even photo related (that's been covered above) that you need to invest in. So if you're going to be out in the wild, make sure you have the correct personal equipment, no good having the camera stuff if you've got hypothermia. Walking boots Water proof outer layers Down jacket Thermal underware Glove/Hat Layer Clothing Hiking/Nordic poles Learn to read a map/navigate That's just a start, now I don't know where you live so some of the gear won't be needed. As for a back pack, Personally I use a Mammut hiking back pack and a insert for my gear. Allows for stuff like food and water, most of these so called dedicated hiking camera bag don't even have a place for a bottle of water. I will just add, lenses wise you're set but if you where to look at getting a new lens, and you budget allows, the 10-24mm is absolutely stonking. Big, heavy and awesomeness.
  3. SnapPuppy

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    Not entirely sure TBH, my guess is the K & F adaptor is acting like an 50mm extension tube
  4. So at present I have my batteries stuffed into an old filter pouch and it works ok. But I'm always on the look out for other ways to carry my batteries, I usually take six, I know it's a lot but I'm terrible at remembering to keep them charged. So how do you guys carry/store your batteries while out?
  5. For me I've never had an issue with the Top-Max and ExPro brands of batteries and chargers.
  6. SnapPuppy

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    Thanks everyone. I have since bought a M42 adaptor which I'm using with a Mamiya Sekor 55mm f1.8. Cracking little lens if not slightly radio active. And because of the adaptor I've lost the ability to focus beyond say 15 feet. But gain some macro ability. I'm looking at the Canon 24mm, something for street photography on the cheap.
  7. SnapPuppy

    Landscape lens

    I use the 10-24mm and I have the 50-230 for those intimate shots. I traded in my 18-55mm to get the 10-24mm and have missed the 24-50 range more then I thought I would. But like has been said any lens is a landscape lens
  8. SnapPuppy

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    Only because that the adapter I have at present.
  9. So as bit of fun I've bought the K&F concepts Canon FD to Fuji adapter and a cheap Vivitar macro off of ebay. And this got me thinking, Is there any old FD mount lenses that I should look at? More toward macro and portrait lengths? Cheers Mark.
  10. SnapPuppy

    Manfrotto Off Road 30L (Blue)

    As I've move to using a normal hiking back pack and an insert I no longer need this back pack. Although it shows signs of use (mainly a bit of dirt on the straps) it's still in great condition. £70 delivered anywhere in the UK.
  11. Surplus to requirements. Very good condition. Will also fit a 9.7" tablet, I've had my Galaxy Tab S2 in it, fits like a glove. £50 delivered anywhere in the UK.
  12. SnapPuppy

    Fujifilm X-T20 & Lightroom

    Don't Fuji have software that will convert for you? I too get the XT-20 soon and wasn't aware Adobe wasn't able to read them considering that it's the same sensor as the XT-2 and Pro-2.
  13. So after my much loved XT10 took a swim in the sea the insurance company are sending me the XT20 as a replacement. Got a couple questions. Will the XT10 batteries fit the XT20 I have a arca-Swiss style L-bracket, is the 20 the same size and shape (Like this) as the 10? Thanks.
  14. Many moons ago I made my own camera cover from arm of an old rain coat, fitted the Canon 7D+Grip and 70-200mm like a glove and cost nothing really.