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  1. Hey guys, my friend who is holidaying in Perth got her rented car broken into on her last day, they got her passport etc and her Xf 35mm. Is there a stolen gear database anywhere, So I can help her register her stolen lens?
  2. Is the flash working alright on the X20? If yes then switch off ES, Silent mode, Macro mode and check if you're in the right drive mode.
  3. loved the 14mm, but have since sold it for the 10-24. good shots.
  4. moved from this to an XT1 and X100T. No regrets. love how the XT1 and 3 lenses feels lighter than my 5D2 and 1740 lol
  5. you should sell them Fuji cams and buy an iphone then
  6. Perhaps getting back on topic is best as I don't intend on building a server to post pics on the only site I go to that still uses this method. Regardless of pics I'm excited about the possibilities of this sleeper lens. well for one you can defish it in LR using lens correction
  7. 28. Dark chocolate & Vanilla icecream with Brownie / choco chips eggette
  8. 25. Baked rice with beef slices 26. Baked rice with pork ribs 27. Roast goose & pork rice
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