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  1. I agree. I'm not really wanting to use video at all. I'm a photographer, I want to get good at that first. And, as you say this is basically a beta video specialised camera, great improvement, better build etc, but I think I'll wait and see what the X-Pro 3/X-T3 are like first. Also, I think you're right, the next generation of X cameras are going up-market, in terms of cost
  2. I wouldn't mind but other photographer's laugh at how precious I am with my gear. For example, if I have a camera around my neck, I always hold it as well to ensure it doesn't bump about, I have a set routine for lens change, always put my lens cap in my left hand pocket etc. Obviously, I do this because I like perfect things. I have not got one scratch or blemish on my X-Pro 2 or my X100F. I prefer them that way, and they do better on resale. Somethings you can't guard against.
  3. I have a similar set up, except that I have the X-Pro 2, instead of the XT. Prior to that I had the X-T1, and the X100. Are you saying you're getting better results from the X-T2 than with the 100F?. Do you mean the IQ or the speed of use?, because I find the X100F beats the the X-Pro 2. For some reason I can take very similar pictures with both, and I always prefer the rendering on the X100F. It think has a more photographic look. In use it's virtually identical which is great. Previously, with the X100 and the X-Pro 1, the operation, the positioning of the controls etc. were totally different. Now, the process of taking a picture is very similar on both cameras, I've only had the cameras a few months and find that the controls are embedding in muscle memory already, feels just like the old days.
  4. haha, what do you mean, I'm downsizing :-)
  5. Well now we have the X-E3, and it looks like an excellent little camera. At the moment I'm using an X-Pro 2, but some of the new functionality, of the X-E3 is very attractive, especially some of the touch screen stuff. I'm seriously thinking of replacing my X-Pro 2 with an X-E3. Obviously, an X-Pro 3 will appear at some point, with this and all sorts of other functionality, but, until then, can anyone think of anything I'm going to really miss, from the X-Pro 2, if I were to change to that?
  6. Hi all, Just thought I'd recount a little experience I've just had with photographic retailer, Robert White : https://www.robertwhite.co.uk/optics/shop-by-brand/voigtlander.html?lens_mount=258&p=1 Robert White.co.uk are the UK importer for Voightlander lenses, an old established business, based in Poole, Dorset. They sell top shelf stuff, and are a pleasure to do business with. Recently, I bought a 75mm f1.8 Heliar from them, and I am simply over the moon with it it. Not only it is quite easy to manually focus, there is a real sense of achievement when you see it pop into focus, and the images have a wonderful three dimensional feel to them. Anyway, I am also interested in Voightlander's 50mm f1.1 Nokton, and their 50mm f1.4 aspherical. So I rang Robert White, just to chat with them about the lenses, and enquire whether another model was discontinued. I had a half hour chat with the guy at Robert White. He really knew his stuff, he had used these lenses. We discussed their characteristics. It was fantastic to get that kind of info from the dealer. Having established that it was one of two lenses I wanted to choose between he said he will send me a display copy of the f1.1. Doesn't have the f1.5 in stock. He said, have a mess around with it for a few weeks, and see what you think. If you like like it we will order you a new one, or you can try the 1.5 for a bit. I'm plugging this shop I suppose but, much as I love Amazon, you cannot do this with them (also, they are dearer on this lens range). Seems to me that we should be using shops like this as they really are a great resource. Use it or Lose it
  7. Woman using a tablet in The Tapster's Micropub
  8. One of the customers @The Tapster's Promise Micropub, Colne, Lancs, UK
  9. I have a X-Pro 2, prior to that I had an X-T1, so I'm familiar with the ergonomics on both body styles and I prefer the Rangefinder style. I'm right eye dominant, so whether using the EVF, or the OVF, I can keep both eyes open. If using the OVF I can see people coming into the frame. The EVF on the X-T series is undoubtedly better in every way (especially with the big eyecup fitted), it's bigger, and easier to use. The positioning , under the faux pentaprism irritates me a bit, and the inevitable greasy nose splotch also put me off. Basically, the X-T2 is faster, in every way, than the X-Pro 2. It looks like a fake DSLR. The X-Pro 2 looks like a fake rangefinder. I suppose they are a bit like that in use, as well, but the X-Pro 2 is much less fake, in terms of why things are where they are, it is is more form follows function. I had used an old old Zorki rangefinder, back in the day, but only very briefly. Certainly, I was much more familiar with the (D)SLR shape. Nonetheless, I had an X-E1, and I had enjoyed using that, so I went and looked at the X-Pro 2, and as soon as I had handled it, I was sold Both of these cameras will give you excellent image quality, with the X-T2 being a bit quicker to use. So, the handling is the most important factor. Make sure you get a fair time with both.
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