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    Sorry did not realise that. Was wondering about the pros and cons of x-t1 versus x-t10. Will wait until later this month early July and ask again.
  2. David, Thanks for your informative article.
  3. On the x-e1 it is 3 separate photos. If there is a person in the photo you see the three different positions. When converting to HDR this creates ghosts which can be removed using software settings when making the HDR combinations.
  4. The xe-1 has a choice of bracketing options [+/-1, +/-2/3. +/-1/3) and I have taken effective HDR hand held while travelling. In fact I leave the bracketing on and take 3 shots most of the time when travelling unless the circumstances are most inappropriate for this. You don't have to convert all brackets to HDR - just the ones where there would be a better or alternative image of you do process the images using HDR. I always use RAW.
  5. Just back from a trip to South America where I used the 18-55 and 55-200. There were days in a Costa Rican national park I would have liked at least a 300mm option and the opportunity to get closer to wildlife in touristy locations. But these served me well and the 35mm stayed in the bag. However an 18-135 would have made some days simpler - I would not have needed to take my camera bag. Back in my film days and early dslr days (before obtaining a 18-200) I used a 24-120 on my nikons for these types of situations when you had to go with the flow. So yes I will seriously consider an 18-135 when needing a walk around lens in tourist situations.
  6. Great images, Phil. I left a comment on your shot of the little boy with the car above his head. What adapter (s) did you use for your Nikon glass? David
  7. Hi Viv Have just had a look at your flick'r site. What wonderful photos - each one superb. Magnificent colours. Do you do anything special in post processing to get these colours, or are they straight out of the camera like the squirrel above. David
  8. I just took a look through a series of pictures I took recently and the jpgs range from 4.1 mb to 7.6 mb in size - similar to arnold_w and not all that far removed from eggwah123. I am sure if I keep looking the extremities will be further challenged in my photos. Thus a variation of the magnitude the OP has experienced would not be abnormal. David
  9. Lovely shots of a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing, Viv. David
  10. I think Zeevparush's tests put all the arguments to bed. These confirm the subjective impression I have been getting from the moment I first used my x-e1 last year. I have never been able to achieve this quality before and am deliriously happy, but very bored by this overstating the iso nonsense. I am sure other manufacturers will come up with technologies which will trump Fuji (they may already have done so) and I am sure there are existing cameras, not Fujis, which will do a better job for the kind of photography other people are involved with. This is a good thing. Thank goodness we have a choice. Apologies Kiwi, but there is even the Df. Seriously, for my type of photography, typical Fuji drawbacks such as slow AF in some conditions do not matter - but this is an important consideration for others. I like the superb jpgs which my camera produces and the additional flexibility provided to choose the RAW image when I want to really test out the reserves of detail embedded in my images. It's all a case of getting on with and being excited by our mutual love of photography and all things photographic. David
  11. Great shots Rory. I have a 35mm and am delighted with it. But this thread has interested me in a 27mm as well if a good deal and some available funds coincide soon. I like the comments about its size and obvious excellent optical quality. David
  12. Great shots on both cameras, Morpheme. Despite the poor weather for the x-e1, the photos you made in the conditions are superb. You also play to the strengths of the x-20. David
  13. well Mklives, I think Photogirl's images are beautiful and your comments boorish and rude. David
  14. I'm an Aussie. Being an ex-schoolie, it is second nature to watch my singulars, plurals, possessive cases, gerunds and the like. Sorry to be pedantic, but this was irresistible.
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