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    Fuji X-T1, Fuji X-T2, Pentax K-01, Pentax 645, Pentax KX(yes film)
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    Fujinon 14mm, 23mmf1.4, 27mm, 35mmf2, 56mmf1.2, 18-135mm, 55-200mm, Bower 8mmf2.8, etc etc

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  1. is the lens updated with the latest firmware? Clicking aperture blades was an issue on the 35mm f1.4 at one time..
  2. seriously good info and very inexpensive tutorial for Iridient Transformer + LR processing https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/fuji-x-series/ http://www.thomasfitzgeraldbooks.com/books-1/2017/5/8/processing-fuji-x-trans-files-with-iridient-x-transformer-and-lightroom and no, I do not work for TF nor do I know the man.
  3. I drink Vodka! I can't send either over the border, Trump's northern wall is in the way...lol
  4. OMG, I need some medicinal help. I did not transfer any files to my computer. First a trip to the garage for some inspiration, then back to try this again. I owe you a beer! Thanks!!!
  5. when I open X RAW Studio, I see my camera listed at the top right as X-T2 3.0 but there no files below to edit or even see. I just don't get it but then again, today has been a complete f up and it's probably me.
  6. Just deleted the whole mess. If they can't make it user friendly why bother at all. Had that set up properly from the get go. Feel like I wasted my time and money for something Fuji put out half baked. Thanks for the suggestion though, appreciate your taking the time.
  7. Unreal, installed latest firmware on my X-T2, downloaded latest Fuji X Raw studio(1.1), bought a cable to connect to my USB3 port, running latest Mac OF High Sierra, and NOTHING. The program opens but does not see my camera and/or files. Yes, my X-T2 is on, all that happens is a winking green light on the body. Bah Humbug I say
  8. Thank you, K1W1.......got the firmware updated, downloaded Fuji Stuiod, simply will not work, what a bummer.
  9. I am trying to download the firmware update for the XT-2 version 3.0 so that I can try Fuji X Studio software. Here is my problem; downloaded the firmware FWUP0010.DAT to computer(Mac), go to "downloads", click on the file, Mac tries to open it with "Toast v10" burning program. I cannot drag the file to my desktop, open it, nothing. SD card has been formatted several times, deleted and previous firmware downloads and still the same program. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
  10. Thank you, veejaycee, "preview exp in manual mode was it!!!
  11. and also, when I look through the viewfinder it is extremely dark and there is a -3 displayed yet my dial atop the camera body is set at 0......
  12. Today I received the EF-X20 and want to use it on my X-T2. I have almost no experience with flash and need help with camera settings. When I delve into the flash menu I see the "flash function settings. and the next screen shows mode, SYNC TERMINAL, with a large M below. Greyed out below that is TTL Mode, zoom and angle. SYNC. is set to front. If I drop down to TTL MODE (greyed out) and hilight it, I am unable to accomplish anything. I am thinking I can change the M setting to TTL but this is not the case. I thought maybe it was the MS+ES setting so I changed that to purely MS. Can someone offer up some help and how to get this sorted?
  13. You should consider a 18-135mm, has the extended range, OIS, WR, and is a good allrounder. PLus, you can pick up a good used one for less than a new 18-55mm
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