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  1. OK, if that's what you think it easy fixed.
  2. I'm not complaining, I simply made an observation as I did in my earlier post. Frankly with 10,000 members I'm not sure how it's singularly MY fault But I think the lack of a thread on the XT-2 just highlights the problem. I'm a casual reader here and a rare Fuji user - I have both Canon and Sony systems which get used 95% of the time and my only Fuji is an X20. I'm not THAT invested in the Fuji system but am interested enough to read here on occasion in case I decide to invest a little more. With all the members here, some who ARE heavily invested in the system, it just amazes me that there wasn't an 'XT-2 released' thread until after I mentioned it. This makes me question that dedication to the site that even avid users have. Let's face it, there is very little activity here from a very small group of members which means there's not a lot of reason to visit or comment. Feel free to blame me if you want, but I'm not sure that's going to spark up the other 9,900 people who don't post. And sure, 55 posts in 3 years is not a lot but: 1) i rarely visit any more because there just isn't much happening here and I'm not a big user 2) I'm not that interested in posting for the sake of posting - I guess quality over quantity What would draw me back more would be more pictorial content - and I think that's the point the OP was trying to make. I guess the problem with an equipment focused site is there's far better options for getting the news. I'm not saying that to criticise the owners here, but the reality is there are organisations who will always have full access to pre-realease models for testing and review. They all have comments sections too...
  3. I joined here a couple of years ago and made exactly the same observation. I posted a few photos and apart from a single comment of 'Nice!', not another word was forthcoming. Franco makes a very valid point, there is a limit to what can be discussed of a technical nature as it's likely been covered before so the next logical thing to talk about is actual photographs. What surprises me even more is that there's not a thread on the landing page about the new XT-2 - I thought for sure I would come here and see a bunch of opinions. Oh well, back to my once a month visits I guess
  4. I like things to be pristine. I wash and vacuum my car regularly and I hate the thought of scratching a camera or dinging a surfboard. Fake ageing is also pretty popular in guitars these days with people both purposely banging them around and also seeking out genuinely worn models. I have 3 guitars - none of them have a scratch and if they did I'd probably attempt to repair them. Each to their own. This pic is from the Fuji X home page so I'd say this is the one they did -Â http://fujifilm-x.com/cameras/x-pro2/
  5. Yes, that would be nice. I've given up on the dream of a full frame X-Pro but that's another story.
  6. Hi all, I'm just wondering if there are any Sydney-siders using an X-Pro2? I'm teetering about getting one but having had very little exposure to the X-Pro line it would be nice to be able to meet up with someone who has used it a bit and to actually get a bit of a look and feel for the system. I used to have a Contax G system and I'm imagining the X-Pro2 will be similar but without actually getting my hands on one it's hard to know. Going to a camera store is next to useless - they're reluctant to even put a battery in a new body... I looked into hiring one but DigiDirect in Sydney has a minimum hire time of 6 months at $145/month and I don't really want to spend close to $900 just to try it out. If anyone knows where I could hire one for a week I'd be all over it. Anyway, if there's any X-Pro2 users in Sydney who'd be willing to meet up somewhere and let me paw their camera for 10 minutes it would be greatly appreciated - I'd be happy to spring for a coffee or snack.
  7. Not cheap but nice - http://kawaprogear.com/product/classic/
  8. Indeed. Sessions work perfectly for jobs where everything is encapsulated. They also work for things like holidays where you can simply import additional images into the session but it still remains a collected work eg. Hawaii 2015 could be from 3 hours, 3 weeks or 3 months but it still has everything you want in the one database.
  9. In simple terms, a C1 catalog is similar to a catalog in Aperture or LR. IIRC you can use managed or referenced files and typically a user would copy files to their machine, use their own directory structure, then import them into a catalog where they can be arranged into albums. The catalog is recommended to be stored on the local drive but the images can reside anywhere. I use a catalog for family photos where I might want to search a large collection. A session is a highly managed structure originally designed (I believe) for a tethered session. When a session is created a folder structure is created which holds your images, the database file and folders for selects, output etc. I use this for jobs. Every time I do a job I create a new session, import all the pics directly from a card and I know I have a single folder which contains everything I need to maintain that job. All originals and edits are included in this folder and it can simply be copied to another machine and opened in C1 and any edits, ratings, tags etc come with it. It is highly transportable and can be easily backed up at the OS level (a basic copy). Session databases only keep information about that session so aren't useful for searching over an expansive collection of photos. I saw a video by C1 where it said you can import session databases into a catalog (which enables cross session searching) but I haven't tried it so can't vouch for its usefulness. When I first started using C1 I believed a catalog was the right way to work. After a month or two it became clear to me that my way or working is much better handled with sessions and I now use them almost exclusively. YMMV.
  10. C1 do recommend catalogs be stored on the system drive - it certainly makes sense from a performance point of view. They use SQLite 3 which is generally regarded as a stable database but I'm not sure if it has issues running across different volumes. That aside, what you are doing - storing the catalog with the files for portability - is exactly the benefit of using sessions. By the sound of it using a large catalog isn't really suited to your workflow, sessions would be. As I understand it, sessions can even be imported into catalogs to give your search-ability across your entire collection. I'm not going to tell you to change your method, but it sounds a lot like sessions would be a better fit and will have you working with much smaller databases so if you do happen to get a corruption, it will be far less of an issue. Sessions are designed for exactly the purpose of encapsulating originals, exports, favourites, selects and the database file into the one directory. It can simply be moved to another machine and opened with everything still linked and all edits accessible. I just do a session every time I do a job, makes it very easy to keep things together and backing up is simple.
  11. Are you sure this isn't a drive or Windows problem? Have you run a utility over the drive to make sure it doesn't have some faulty blocks? I've been using C1 for a while now without issue, although I am using it on a Mac. I'm also using sessions rather than a catalog - for my purposes they're a lot more portable.
  12. You're not looking hard enough. There's a Sony 90mm that can be pre-ordered plus a 28 F2, 35 f1.4 (available now), a handful of Zeiss primes (Loxia and Batis), a couple of Mitakons including an f.95 and several Rokinons - all with FE mount.
  13. The original install disks can't get you to the latest version which is only available via the App store. If it doesn't show as a past purchase, the only option is a call to Apple and they are aware of the issue. IIRC they give you a code which allows redemption of the latest version at no cost. This came up several times on an Aperture forum I frequented (but has since closed).
  14. If you still can't find Aperture give Apple a call. They do some weird things with the App store but if you call them they will arrange for it to be 'put back' so you can access it. I recall I had to do this at one stage but rest assured it does work fine once you get it.
  15. You can still use Aperture with Yosemite, it's supported and I run it here. You do need to get the latest version though. As for Capture one, that's what I'm moving too. I haven't moved any of my old Aperture library over yet but when I get a spare few days I will have a good clean out and then migrate over. Everything I have shot for the past couple of months has gone through C1 and I'm getting more and more used to it. Does a great job and one you get around the differences in interface it is not unlike Aperture. Like you, I'm not a fan of Lightroom, I've tried it multiple times and always hated the GUI.
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