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  1. 1.5x is certainly enough but I believe the magnification on this particular lens is only 0.5x.
  2. I shoot an XT2 and XE2 and thinking of getting the 60mm 2.4 Macro as it appears to be heavily discounted @ $399. I understand that auto-focus speed is sub-par, otherwise it's sharp. According to the description for the lens it was designed specifically for the XPro series. Would the slow focus be a result of using it on cameras other than the Xpro? I'm curious to know how of others experience using it on the XT2. Also, I have a Fuji extension MCEX-16 which I assume I can use on the lens. What magnification would that give me as a result? thank you
  3. Hello Can anyone tell me how to activate the "My Menu" tab in the main menu screen? The manual states that the tab is available only is options have been assigned to the tab, but how do you assign options if it isn't available in the first place? This is on an XT-2 I just bought. thanks Jack EDIT: Just figured it out, thanks anyway!
  4. Can anyone recommend a good polarizer filter for the X20? Would like something that mounts directly to the lens thread w/o some other contraption or adaptor, if any exist.Not sure what size thread it has even. thanks!
  5. veejaycee I have looked at the White Balance. Should have mentioned that as well. It's usually the first thing I check. thx
  6. Artuk, It may be common to many camera brands, but I've owned Canon and Olympus cameras and don't recall having this issue with how they rendered a true red. As for adjusting the saturation setting, I could try that and tone it down in camera. I will also try the Pro Neg Sim mode. Will post again if I notice any improvements. I was really just wondering if this is common among the Fuji sensors. I read many profesionnal reviews prior to making my investment into Fuji cameras and don't recall this ever coming up. Not a plus in my opinion.
  7. My apologies if my question is addressed somewhere else in this forum. I'm curious to know how others perceive the color rendition of their Fuji cameras. I own the X20 and XE-2 with various zooms. In both cameras, true reds tend to appear slightly "orangish" (for lack of a better word). I've tried tweaking some settings, but I get the same look. This seems to be the only color that doesn't look right to me in camera, most others appear true to life. It also seems to the case regardless of which film simulation mode I select. IWhen I download and view in Lightroom, it's about the same. Any thoughts? Thanks in adance.
  8. How did you get an ND filter on the X10?
  9. Great photo. Can you share details? Camera/lens and settings? any post processing?
  10. Appreciate the comments, I learned a lot! Agree artuk, next time, I'll keep that in mind.
  11. OK, I can understand that the perspective will be different at extreme wide angle, but I really thought that the auto "correction" everyone talks about would fix that elongation problem too. then what correction is applied? what distortion is being fixed? I can't use a photo like that. Using PhotNinja, I can use the Barrel/PinCushion tool to fix this to some degree.
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