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  1. Thank you, gentlemen. Glad to hear that you Londoners are also preserving the wonderful heritage of the steam locomotive era.
  2. This is recently restored Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge #18 4-6-0 at the Laws site near Bishop, CA, USA. I've been working in the style and technology-look of the early 50's. I hope this takes you way back. XPro2 w/ 18-55.
  3. I found no compelling reason for this update to the firmware. And after following this thread, glad I didn't. V.3.0 is working just fine and whatever new 'features' the update may provide, I don't need them.
  4. You don't need instructions to play with an iPad. Just press the button and pick some apps. Yes, one probably will guide you. Don't you have a smartphone? It's the same idea.
  5. Great image of these cute guys! I believe they are called golden mantle marmots.
  6. Owtafocus

    The Narrows

    Nice image. I love it in there. Looks to be good water flowing in this image.
  7. Entering Sequoia Nat'l Park in California recently through a nice fog layer. Dogwoods didn't hurt.
  8. Interesting concept, but I'll stick with my ThinkTank belt pack system for actual protection.
  9. Nice imaging Peter. I loved the cars, people, structures, and the cobblestone roads when I was there. Let's see more.
  10. Beautiful buds about to bloom. I thought you must live in Arizona!
  11. Spring green coats the valleys and hills of this national monument now. Then it's dry and brown the rest of the year. First outing with my new 50-140. Used my XPro2.
  12. Owtafocus


    Thanks, Marco. I look for that 'compromise' of DOF and background with one aperture setting. I'm happy with these results. I am not in the church of always wide open and the blurriest background your can get. Sometimes I can't achieve what I want. I consider focus stacking then, tho I have little experience with it.
  13. Owtafocus


    Bulbs are blooming in the garden now!
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