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  1. farrell

    X100F with 15-45mm?

    Thanks for your response;as you have said, cropping works for anything but bad verticals. I have used the included software to fix my occasional failures in that exact area. I have seen that by all accounts the 14 is killer-sharp but dismissed it as a crazy-wide. I am re-thinking it for the purpose you described.
  2. farrell

    X100F with 15-45mm?

    The verticals in the first image demonstrate a perfectly level camera;do you use a hot shoe bubble level for hipshooting or just eyeball it?
  3. Point taken I was thinking of older designs.
  4. Focusing distance and aperture would determine how diffuse the insect would appear if at all. Inasmuch as 23mm is fairly short for APS-C, it would likely appear as a diffuse blob, less diffuse at smaller apertures.
  5. There does have to be pressure equalization vents. Longer fl's create a much greater pressure gradient when focusing rapidly. I never leave uncapped lenses or bodies sitting sitting around.
  6. I hope Fuji responds as it should. If you get no satisfaction, I think you should publish this on every Fujifest forum you can find.
  7. Really bizarre! Like vjc I can't imagine how it could possibly have gotten between the shutter and a lens element save for a bug duct created by a severe manufacturing defect. It should not ever happen in a lens whose aperture diaphragm and shutter are electrically actuated.
  8. farrell

    XF35mmF2 Light Loss

    I can offer one troubleshooting suggestion. The spring-loaded pins on the lens "telegraph" the aperture to the camera and drive the aperture to set as ordered by the camera. One of them is "common"(DC-return) to another that completes the circuit. They should move without any binding when depressed and released. If any binding is detected, moving the pin manually thru its entire range of motion might free it up. That is the only user test I can suggest. Correction;pins are in the camera body not the lens, so that tends to invalidate my suggestion because it seems to happen with only one lens.
  9. farrell


    My disappointing experience with an X100F may or may not be relevant to yours. If you don't have the experience to confidently evaluate your X100F, a friend might be helpful. Sight unseen, it would be irresponsible to opine as to your camera's capabitiies. I have an X100S that clearly showed what an utter and complete dog my eagerly awaited X100F was.
  10. farrell


    My X100S is OMG-sharp. I bought an X100F and returned it because it was unsharp.
  11. farrell

    Browser blocker

    Thanks for your observations artuk;I usually approve Defender's offer of scans. I am satisfied that my desktop's Google is "clean" now. My seldom-used W10 laptop is now under my desktop's keyboard ready to go. As I was typing this, Defender announced a completed scan with no detected threats.
  12. farrell

    Browser blocker

    MS says W10 is "immune" to ransomware and describes what seized Google on my desktop as a "tech support scam", This one claims to be Google "protecting" the user and shows a 'tech support" number to call, presumably to be offered an opportunity to buy software to liberate Google. Inasmuch as I have Google, Firefox, Edge, and IE on my taskbar, I stopped using Google for for a couple of weeks and looked then at it. Apparently because I didn't bite, the bug moved on with no action taken.
  13. farrell

    Beware "Fuji Addict" !

    i clicked on it once to check it out and began getting identified pop-ups, thankfully only on my laptop, but this sort of slimy internet conduct does not need to be rewarded and i will publish it all possible.
  14. Thank you very much sir.greatly appreciated.