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  1. Reviewing these posts has prompted me to shoot some more desktop macros with my long-idle 60.
  2. The camera in use is irrelevant to the focusing speed;it is native to the lens. I have the x-tube set but have never used it. As to the X-value with the MCEX-16, I think Fuji Global or Fuji USA would have that available, but someone else here may able to help you with that.
  3. I say landing;the long wingtip feathers, analogous to flaps in aircraft, are rotated into the slowing position.
  4. Thanks for asking. Now that I've had some time to play with the 24-70mm f/4 Nikkor S, I'm amazed and happy to report that it must be seen to be believed. It is so incredibly good over its entire zoom range it makes the 50/1.8 redundant unless the user needs the speed. I took published reports of its performance with quite a bit of salt;they were NOT kidding!
  5. That would be very unusual here, least of all free. I was surprised to see B&H offering free next day delivery in US while Adorama did not. That was the deal-maker for me; even being aware of B&H's reputation I had never bought from them before. Adorama may not count on being my "vendor of record" anymore.
  6. Ordered 9:30 am 3/20;received 1:50 pm 3/21
  7. The subject of my topic was free next-day shipping, not brand politics.
  8. I didn't say the name because it's not Fuji. It is a 24-70mm Nikon f/4 for Z. I have the 50/1.8. Fedex tracking calls for delivery by 3 pm tomorrow Mar 21.
  9. Adorama and B&H Photo have pretty much driven other American dealers into relative obscurity. Checking both for deals on a $1,000 US item. I saw that B&H offered free next day delivery in the US for that lens product line only. I ordered the item and confirmation estimated delivery as tomorrow by close of business.
  10. I'm grateful that even at 77 I still have have no trouble getting a "grip" on my cameras without accessories. I also sometimes like shooting blind;experience and practice can help a shooter acquire a fairly good sense of leveling needing very little editing to plumb up verticals or correct roll. Depending on where the sun is in daylight, a display that will swing to horizontal can be a useful viewfinder, even if only certain highlight "points" can be seen and shading the display with a hand would alert intended subjects that they are "targets". '
  11. Sometimes you're the shooter and sometimes you're the subject.
  12. I have stipulated that this is a branded(Fuji)forum. I was asking if any members of this forum also participate in any open forums they might suggest to me. Perhaps my language skills are failing.
  13. Every branded forum has the undeniable right of logo-centrism. I have not given up on Nikon nor sworn allegiance to Fuji, forsaking all others. That is not to imply any wrongfulness here. I would be interested to know of any open forums members may also read.
  14. Since phonecams have pretty much put an end to serious pocket cameras like the Canon Powershot S series, I had to find another go-anywhere pocket camera. The little booklet packaged with my XP120 is a "Basic manual" I had no idea how very basic until I downloaded and studied the real manual. The capabilities of this camera are amazing, and will remain unknown to anyone who is satisfied with the basic manual. The published features of the product are its waterproof shock-resistant design. Anyone not seeing the serious manual will have no clue as to what it can do. I don't think I would ever find a better pocket camera;I'm not looking anymore. Historically, I have always downloaded and studied the manual of every digital camera I considered buying. All I knew about the XP120 was that it was waterproof, shock-resistant, and a handy pocket size. It is arguably one of the best buys I have made in a very long time.
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