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  1. IMO no not as a X100. It is not what a X100 series camera is all about and to suggest putting a zoom on a X100 means that the whole point of the X100 has been missed. What the proposed camera would be is the replacement for the late and missed X10/20/30 series with a APS-C sensor but the zoom range would not be enough to make buyers of that sort of camera interested. Why? The optical viewfinder on the X10 zoomed as the lens zoomed.
  2. Are you using XC or XF lenses? I thought you could only use the dial with XC lenses.
  3. Because I actually read the OP and thought about it before I posted I would say to the OP that if you are thinking about a pair of either X100 or X70 and you have previously used and loved the X10 (mine it sitting on the desk behind me, great camera) why not consider buying one of each? If you go with a X70 and either a X100s or X100T they will all have variants of the same 16MP sensor so image wise will be similar but you would then have the different focal lengths (18.5mm of X70, 23mm of X100) available instantly plus the X70's tilt screen (including selfie mode ? ) for strange angle shots. The X70 is also more pocketable than the X100 should the neccessicity arise.
  4. I don't have a compatible camera and probably wouldn't use the software anyway but is it a case of the software not running or is it crashing after you start it? If you get the message about the software being downloaded from an unknown source and the world will end if you use it just click the "bugger off I am using it anyway" button (can't remember what the real name is). You can go into your privacy settings on your Mac and tell it that this program is okay and you won't get the message any more. If the program is crashing if could be a good idea to try another USB cable. USB cables can be somewhat dodgy at times. I am assuming that you had restarted the Mac between installing the program and trying to run it. That is always a good idea to make sure all changes made underneath the hood have been applied. Lastly Google something like "My Max OS (insert your OS version) Fuji Raw Studio". You may come up with others who have had issues or workarounds.
  5. You do not open the file. Simply drag the DAT file onto the card put the card into the camera and perform the update following the steps outlined by Fuji. If you want to stop the Mac trying to open a .DAT file with a default program you need to go into the Mac settings and tell it what to do. There are plenty of step by step guides on the Internet.
  6. Apple store. Although I have seen third party ones. The apple kit I have has one cable and two dongles. One dongle takes a CF card and the other takes a SD card. The new ones are a one piece design that only uses SD cards https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MJYT2AM/A/lightning-to-sd-card-camera-reader?fnode=91
  7. K1W1_Mk2


    Six weeks or so on from the release and whilst I have friends who have succumbed to the X-H1 I must say I'm still pretty underwhelmed. Yes it has IBIS but to me that is not a must have feature. Yes it has better, faster focussing but it is not able to use that fully in sports or action situations. Yes its better with larger heavier lenses, I don't own any big heavy Fuji lenses. The only real positive for me that I can see with the X-H1 is that Fuji have removed the exposure comp dial that always seems to be getting accidentally adjusted. I hope this change also happens in the next series of X bodies. I'm still baffled by the timing of the release. Putting out a brand new top of the line camera with what is effectively an obsolete sensor just doesn't make sense to me. I'm wondering if Fuji were intending on holding this camera until Photokina but suddenly thought that that was just too far away and that the camera would be canned as "to late" if they did so. The real interest to me is what features, if any from X-H1 will the X-T3 inherit and how long will it be before the X-H2 arrives, surely not the usual 2 years.
  8. As @artuk says the S2Pro was a DSLR made by Nikon (effectively it was a Nikon D100 with a Fuji sensor). You cannot compare any DSLR with any mirrorless camera and expect sensible results as the focussing systems are completely different.
  9. I suspect it is a combination of hardware and software but its best to wait to see what the speed is like in the real world before getting too excited. One common thread through all Fuji releases since the X-E1 on is that they get their paid mouthpieces to rave about how improved the AF is - every time. Unfortunately these improvements are often nowhere near as significant as the paid mouthpieces claim. Yes AF has improved considerably since day one but imo Fuji AF is still lagging behind other brands particularly in continuous AF performance.
  10. K1W1_Mk2


    This is a weird release from Fuji. They have introduced a new top of the range camera that is significantly more expensive than any other APS-C camera in their range with what is effectively an obsolete sensor. This will be the last 24MP sensor camera Fuji release and all the new cameras from 2018 on (X100?, X-Pro3, X-T3, etc) will have a new sensor of some sort. 36MP is rumoured but whatever the capacity it will be new. So what we have now is a top of the line model that will be stuck with an old sensor for at least 18 months after the other APS-C cameras start getting updated to the new sensor based on Fujis 2 year refresh cycle. If not will we see a X-H2 in 6-12 months? This camera is going to have to be spectacularly good at video (and early samples suggest it is okay but nothing special) to even be considered by anybody as a viable purchase. I'm with @raagamuffin this has public beta version written all over it. The other conspiracy theory option that is floating around is that this is Fujis way of softening the market up for greatly increased prices on the next series of camera body releases.
  11. K1W1_Mk2


    Plus better auto focus plus the IBIS plus a larger more solid body plus the top LCD display plus significantly improved video capability plus numerous firmware updates that may or may not make it to the X-T series.
  12. The online manual uses a custom Google search that is supported by advertising. I just tried searching it (using Chrome on a Mac) and it came up with 8 results for "optical". The first four were ads and the next 4 were locations in the manual. Did you look past the first couple of results in your search? The only way to search the manual only will be to download it as a PDF and search on it on your computer from within Adobe Acrobat or whatever PDF viewer you use. For question 2 you are correct. You can either go backwards and forwards between two web browser screen to view the old and new sections of the manual (the old sections can be located from the index) or download the PDF version and use the page numbers in that but be aware that unless the person who created the PDF did their job properly (very few do). Page 5 of the PDF will not be the same as the page on the manual that has 5 written on the bottom so you end up guessing and scrolling anyway.
  13. People outside the US don't use Amazon the way it is used within the country and brands available vary from country to country. Try looking at the following brands. Mefoto - This is part of Manfrotto and is their lighter weight and lower cost line Siriu - a good reliable product 3Legged Thing. - A UK company
  14. Without knowing at least which country you are in nobody can give you any sensible suggestions.
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