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  1. As a Fuji Pro Products Rep for 20 years, I would say the best 35mm is the ST801. The LED meter allowed accurate adjustment to 1/4 stop. Also, not all the medium format cameras had the same optics in every generation. They always made slight improvements from generation to generation. The AX series always gets a short straw, but the AX-5 was a really great camera. The Fujicarex was cool, but wasn't really dependable and the lenses weren't Fuji's best. The GX617 put every other panorama camera to shame. And then theh GX 680. What Mamiya cameras WANTED to be. Better quality lenses than the Zeiss on the Blads, with view camera controls and interchangable bellows. I dumped most of my view cameras when the 680 arrived.
  2. After working for Fuji as a Professional Products rep for over 18 years, I can tell you from experience - don't try to find logic from a photographer's viewpoint from Fuji. They make decisions on a factory production and long-range plan basis, not what seems logical and appropriate to users. Love my X-E1 and lenses, but understand that what drives them has little to do with any of our wish lists. I saw it first hand over many years. Just enjoy what you have - the X series system is the sharpest digital I've seen to date.
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