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  1. So i got a call from Fujifilm Middle East & Africa Today which is where the repair happened. They told me that since the main Board was flawed and was causing the issue, They had to change the entire board along with the LCD screen. And each board has own new internal serial number. This thread would have been avoided if i was kept in the loop in the first place. Because each time i asked about the type of repair that was done i was told to call back another day to know, And this went on for a month. Thanfully a Fujifilm representstive called me up today assured me and there is nothing to worry about, And that the board and LCD were changed. The camera seems to be functioning 100% now.
  2. Hi All After i recieived my camera back from Fujifilm Repair due to a freezing issue i was having. The body of the camera had new scratches + the internal serial number of the camera does not match the original internal serial number (i originally had). also the production dates dont match. Mine was 2016.03 and the one i received back from repair is 2015.12. What is odd is that the bottom plate serial number is the same. What is going on?
  3. i re-installed the firmware, After the first attempt it still did the same thing. But after second second try it seems it has done the trick, So Far ! let me know if this helps since information about this on the web is very limited.
  4. Sup Guys ! My X-Pro2 is Freezing up on me and its pretty annoying since i was so happy with it when i first got it. So far there are two scenarios where the camera freezes: 1- Turn on the camera, screen remaining black, i can see that the screen is on but its black. 2- While i am shooting, either in live view or EVF ON, i see that the refresh rate is glitchy and then suddenly the frame freezes with whatever what was on the screen. So far the only solution is to remove the battery, wait a few seconds, and then pop it back in. And sometimes, this does not work. Even when i try a few times to remove the battery. This started happening after firmware update, I have a feeling this has to do with High-performance mode. In Standard performance it never happens. Anyone else is having the same issue ?
  5. Useful video. My experience of undertaking projects such as this has taught me a couple of things. Always use the correct sized screwdriver and do the disassembly/reassembly on a tray with a lip all around, those tiny screws have a habit of getting lost. A magnet is useful to stick the screws to after removal. I'm pleased to see these do-able projects as often an out of warranty repair is more than the lens is worth. I completely agree !
  6. Interesting indeed. I wonder if the procedure applies to the even looser 14mm ring. Not sure I really want to do this myself, though doesn't look too difficult. There is another video on youtube (not by me) explaining how to create a fix for the 14mm. search "Fujinon 14mm - fixing aperture ring looseness" on Youtube to find it. Don't open up the lens if the issue is not bothering you too much. We tend to get too picky sometimes and end up regretting it. I took the step to fix my lens because my aperture ring simple kept moving out of place with the lightest touch. All the best !
  7. Simple solution, thanks for sharing your how-to video. My pleasure !
  8. Interesting video, good to know info, but until my equipment is out of warranty I'll pass on this fix. Don't get me wrong if I was in a situation where I needed to make this fix with no other option available I would do this repair. I agree with you, If you have the luxury of using your warranty and having it done for free then you shoud definitely skip that. This video will be useful for those that cant send out the lens for long periods of time like me.
  9. Hello Everyone Fujifilm X Series System is an awesome system, And the lenses they make for this system are incredible. unfortunately there is one negative topic every owner keeps talking about, Which is how each len's aperture ring is either smoother or stiffer than the other. This DIY video will show you how to adjust the smoothen or stiffen your aperture ring to your liking. Do this at your own Risk Hope this helps some of you. Mokhtar www.Facebook.com/PhotographyMC
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