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  1. Samyang and and Rokinon are primes rather than zooms (and different names for the same lenses!)
  2. I'm not sure if we are at cross purposes ( ) but I'm not suggesting that the Raw is altered. But if (as you said) the dng from IXT is better, clearly it is possible that in the future it might be possible to improve on the creation of the dng file - so long as you have the Raw. And yes - you could keep also the dng - but why would you bother trebling your storage requirements when the chances are you won't ever use it again?
  3. Once you have converted a Fuji Raw to dng you have accepted the demosaicing of the file by that conversion software - which is locked in and it is this aspect of the Adobe ACR or Lightroom conversion which bothers people. Hence - I keep the Raw rather than the dng as they are not identical in potential quality.
  4. I convert to dng using X Transformer - but after final editing I delete the dng (which is over twice the size of the RAF file) If I ever wanted to re-edit - converting to dng would only take a moment. I do save the RAF of course. That way I don't take the chance of locking in a conversion that may improve yet further in the future
  5. I thought that - but the dial is set to 'S' Update - I think it is the viewfinder setting - this is an extra option compared with the X-T1! I still don't follow the note on the screen - but not a problem. Thanks. Update - I think it is the viewfinder setting - this is an extra option compared with the X-T1!
  6. New X-T2 owner (though I have an X-T1 as well) I have set SCREEN SETUP>IMAGE DISP.>OFF but when I take a photograph it is displayed on the LCD until I hit the OK button or half depress the shutter release. This appears to only happen when using the viewfinder (I have it set to "Eye sensor + LCD display). I take the camera from my eye and there is the image displayed on the rear LCD. At the bottom of the image display it says "OK next" If instead of using the viewfinder I compose using the LCD - no image is displayed (which is of course what i would expect) Any thoughts - please?
  7. New X-E1 owner. I do not (yet) have a Fuji Flash so cannot test this out but: My Yongnuo 622c (Canon ETTL) triggers will fire my Canon 580 MkII flash - syncing at almost 1/250th. Fine at 1/200th My Yongnuo rf603 (Canon) triggers do the same - though the 1/250th is not so good! So - if I get a Fuji flash I should be able to use it manually with either set of triggers I understand the X-E1 will also handle auto flash with a Fuji gun and a Canon off camera cord like the OC-3. Does this mean that a Fuji flash connected by the 622C ETTL triggers might also handle auto flash? I know the flash protocols are different but it would seem that the triggers are only doing by radio what the cord is doing by wire - but probably not
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