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  1. That lens was particularly noted for being one of the few less expensive Nikon lenses (E series) that had very good center sharpness at f/5.6-11. Hope you continue using and enjoying it.
  2. I had an opportunity to read a few contrast and comparison between the two 35mm lenses. The best I could come up with (as some were contrary to one another) is that between f/4-f/11 the lenses are indistinguishable as far as output. I admit to not being a fan of the "standard" lens (50mm on 35mm cameras) though I have had the 35mm f/1.4. If I were to get a 35mm lens, chances are I would go with the f/2 for size, speed of focus, quietness and know that I would be shooting f/4-f/11 in most cases. My tastes are for something akin to the 23 or 27 followed on the other side by 56 or 60. To each their own. One of my most successful runs of images came from a trip to the Middle East with a Nikon plus 90mm lens and a Fujica 645w and nothing else. Between these two lenses I got some spectacular images that included landscape, people crowded venues and fine art etc. So the counterpart for me remains with as stated, the slightly wide to slightly compressed before "normal" view.
  3. Fun and beautiful image. It absolutely takes me back to my early youth during the Hippy days with images like that created in a similar fashion and projected onto a wall. As well, they would move the sandwich of liquids around so the drops and blobs would be animated. ... and the beat goes on.
  4. Thanks for sharing your images. I rarely find myself smiling through an entire lot shared on line but your offering shows a nice blend of technical craft and a keen eye. Again thanks!
  5. Back when I did a few weddings (well quite a few actually), I ended up using a combination of Fuji 645 rangefinder and 35mm. In most cases, I shot the wider shots with the Fuji as it allowed for more crop room and also more forgiving thanks to DoF. The 35mm was for the more intimate parts of the service and reception. I never missed a beat because I knew my equipment and experience taught me how to best exploit them. If you are insistent on shooting the wedding with just your Fujis rather than Canon and Fuji or just Canon, you should do some trial runs until you are fully comfortable and the camera becomes second nature in use. Btw, nothing would make me shed more tears of joy if Fuji came out with a digital counterpart to those outstanding rangefinder medium format cameras (6x4.5 or 6x6).
  6. All decent lenses can take temperatures down to -20C at least, even colder. Autofocus might slow down. The only real problem is condensation if a cold camera/lens is taken inside without putting it a plastic bag while it warms up. Condensation can happen even inside the lens, which is most annoying. Not challenging your statements but there is the lens elements, metal parts as well as any "lubricating" fluids that are subject to extreme heat and cold where there is expansion and contraction. Are you in the belief that the lens should perform well (enough) with these items that are impacted by temperature? I'll skip over electrical for the moment.
  7. With your present zoom, you may want to try an exercise of setting it at 18 and 23 for an entire shoot and see which one seems more a good fit for you. If you tend to go more towards the 18 side, then perhaps you should be checking out the 14mm and the 16mm. I know for me, the 16mm is a great fit as I often shot 24mm with 35mm film cameras and it served extremely well for landscapes, some architecture as well as street/documentary work. The 23 would be a handy "keep on the camera" when no other lenses are really of value as it is close enough to angle of vision with a touch of room for crop.
  8. Good looking Conure. Hope you got used to the ruckus noise they make. I find them to be very entertaining and a tame one can be particularly affectionate.
  9. Was kind of hoping K1W1 that people might share their particular favourites.
  10. Anyone know where one can get decent books that cover celebrated photographers?
  11. Btw, thanks to all for making this a fun adventure.
  12. This copy of the image does no justice to the original. However, you can see why it is appealing to some of us in its simplicity. For those of you who are into street photography and urban environmental - look up Lou Stouman and in particular, his book "Ordinary Miracles."
  13. Matthew Brady, Louise Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbot
  14. What operating system does this software work with that you used to use? I think there may be a couple of solutions available - 1) can the software be installed "compatibility mode" or Windows XP mode on a Win 7. 2) consider running XP in virtual mode and install your software in the virtual machine. Since you haven't stated details, I am only hoping the above offerings has some value for you.
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