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  1. Add Focus Bracketing. Some of us use these cameras for more than hand held street photos. No way will I buy a camera that forces me into an electronic finder only. Per Fuji Tech folks - focus bracketing could be done with firmware updates. But Fuji management above them for some reason won't do it, saying "people who buy the X-Pro caemeras don't photograph that way". If it is not added shortly the Fuji stuff will be on the resale shelf and I'll go with a nice Nikon D850.
  2. If it brings AutoFocus into line with the X-T2 - WHERE is Focus Bracketing?
  3. Be aware that a very useful feature added via upgrade to the X-T2 is NOT available for the X-Pro2 or the X-E3. That is Focus Bracketing. Others call it focus stacking. Have talked with a half dozen different Fuji folk, USA and Japan as well as tech folks. Tech guys say it could be done with a firmware update. Fuji says "we don't know anything, call the tech guys" and then the tech guys say to contact Fuji Corporate. Back and forth. Tried the Focus Stacking with a friends X-T2 and really like the feature. Don't like the camera - much prefer the X-Pro2. One Fuji USA rep on the phone told me "X-Pro2 owners don't use their camera that way" - somehow not understanding we do own tripods and know how to use them. Not everything is hand held street photography. And no, I won't buy an X-T2 for the feature. I'll switch to a Nikon D850 instead. If I'm forced to buy another camera for the feature it will be one I know I like using.
  4. How do I get rid of the asinine 'do you want update' window? Every time I got another post or start scrolling the damn thing pops up./
  5. What he was doing was most likely illegal. Next time ask him what law you are violating. A 'policy' or a request is not a law. Hope you got his badge number and ID so you can follow up with his supervisors.
  6. Biggest difference for me between the X-Pro and the X-E models is the size of the body. The X-E models are, for my hands - just too small. Too small for comfortable use and, with gloves on - a complete disaster. The X-Pro1 is just enough larger to handle comfortably.
  7. How is it at following action and moving subjects? I see it has a fast frame rate but am not reading anything about predictive AutoFocus or fast action sports and such.
  8. Before you drop the dollars on the German Pixel recorder do an image comparison. Friends with Leica Monochrome cameras love them - but each says "my fuji takes better photos". They use Leica because it is what they grew up on and are faithful to it. Like how it feels and handles. Still and all they prefer the images from the Fuji X series.
  9. Guys, just email me at deardorff5x7@gmail.com for images. I am not comfortable with what these sites want in personal information. I can email photos and then we can talk by phone if you would like.
  10. What is dropbox? I have them on the computer here. Can't figure out why that won't work.
  11. Guys, I have the photos on my computer on a small flash drive. Can't get them to load here. Any help with it is appreciated. You can see some of this at http://www.pictureline.com where I have the 14mm and the X-Pro1 with 18-55 listed.
  12. I bought both and am keeping the 12 and selling the 32, along with my Fuji 14. The 12 and 14 both seem as sharp. Same with the 32 and 35mm lenses. Just keeping the wider and the longer lenses. Sure do like the feel of the Zeiss lenses in hand and the Fuji lenses are no slouches. Just personal preference. Will be putting up an ad within the next few days on the lenses.
  13. Losing 20% of your images to out of focus problems is more than enough reason to change cameras. No matter how good the photos that are in focus look you are crazy to keep something this unreliable.
  14. Putting the email address is OK but your mailing address is better. Fewer glitches with the mail contacts compared to computers. Forwarding of mail is easy to do if you move. A tangible letter is easier to deal with than the ephemeral emails that at times disappear for no reason at all.
  15. So get a 4x5 or larger view camera, develop the film in trays after dark and contact print the negatives. Worked for Edward Weston. Still works for Michael A. Smith and many others. Simple. clean and easy to do. Much less expensive than all this digital stuff.
  16. The Fuji is marketed as being a pro quality system. Cost has little to do with it. Yes, I am comparing them. Just as I compare my Nikon F2 with the Canon. Some things the F2 does much better than the digital top of the line gear today. Finding limitations is what we do when we actually use our gear - and the limitations of the Fuji have me thinking of getting rid of the stuff in spite of how nice the images are. Those little shorcomings add up over time and eventually reach a point where justifying is not worth it.
  17. One picture of a pollution emitter and cheezy bare desert mountains? How about an actual write up and tests to show reality?
  18. Use the 18-55 lot. It is sharper at 18mm than the fixed 18mm lens. I have 14 and 35mm primes, both if which do not have hot spots when shooting Infrared with a Hoya 720nm IR filter. The 18-55 has hot spots.
  19. but mirrorless cameras still lag behind DSLRs, especially with battery life. Lens range is much smaller. I'm just wondering why everyone is complaining that much about battery life. Have you ever tried to squeeze 350 images out of an dSLR with only live view enabled? Bet you won't reach that number. LCD's and EVF are very power consuming, no wonder that you can "only" shoot about 350 images. Other mirrorless camera's are no exception to this, Olympus is doing about the same. The batteries are relatively cheap compared to those from dLRS's. With the 5D mark II the maximum image count is about 800 or so. Just buy yourself a couple of cheap extra batteries and your done. Complaining from experience. Shooting night work in sub zero(f) temperatures with a Canon 1DsMkIII I get more than an entire night of shooting at 20-30 second exposures. With the X-Pro1 I have at least four battery changes and as a result, shoot less and end up putting the camera away soon because of the hassles. Changing batteries is simple - but a real pain in the butt in wind, 25 below zero temperatures and blowing/drifting snow while wearing gloves and mittens. Add in the Fuji batteries seem to lose steam fast in the cold and you have a good reason to shoot the Canon. The Canon makes it so much easier. As far as image quality at the lower ISO settings I generally shoot. The Canon is cleaner, sharper and has nicer files to work with. It also writes to the CF or XDHC card much faster than the fuji.
  20. Tries an Olmpus but had the same problem as with he X-E bodies. Too small in my hands. The X-Pro1 is just enough larger that it is comfortable. For me that makes all the difference in the world. Then again, my Canon 1DsMkIII feels great both horizontally and vertially. One very good piece of gear.
  21. As the man said, Northern Lights would be a good one. Lower ISO settings for finer images and shorter exposures to keep stars from streaking with motion blur.
  22. Dump your 18 and get the 18-55. It is sharper than the 18 and the variable focal lengths will solve a lot of your problems. Put the extra dollars from the sale of your lens to a 14mm. Later you can get a longer lens to finish the kit.
  23. The digital printing can be excellent. It is missing the personal variation print to print that the darkroom had. Can't print Pt/Pd, Carbon and alt processes. Use it for what it is but I still prefer the older Cibachrome prints tho I had to use contrast masking. Still nothing in digital printing to match ths Cibachrome/Ilfochrome glossy prints.
  24. Buy a nice little Olympus Stylus Epic and see just how easy it really can be.
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