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  1. You Can always aim for a 100mm 2.8 lens from Canon/Nikon/Olympus or even Leica R if You want.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback I only wanted to try out my 14mm as I never shot with a 21mm eq focal and thought architecture was the way to go But it does do people really well too I got surprised how easy to use it was for portrait too I ll upload some too
  3. Tell me if you don't like them too ofc (and why?) !
  4. @franco you mean the DSLR version ? Thx for the feedback
  5. Same question about splitting as I would be interested by your 14mm lens. Looking at the first answers you have had it looks like it could be difficult to sell everything at once so feel free to tell me if you wish to separate it.
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. You are right I must be distracted by my feelings which make me see only her eyes and not the highlights
  7. @gryphon1911 so you went with the dslr version ?
  8. Hi, do you think this tripod would be enough for : XM1 + 55-200 (aroudn 900g) ? Which pretty much means do you think it is enough with XM1 and whichever Fuji lenses ...
  9. 90 R Elmarit is almost gone. 180 APO remains ! No one's looking for a stunning and compact Tele ?
  10. I ll upload sample pictures taken with the Leica Primes as soon as I can
  11. For the record it was taken at Iso 200 f22 1sec F22 unfortunately made some dust appear which had me : - Clean the sensor after my walk - process/clean the spots on the picture Then on postprocessing it was just a matter of finding the right filter to apply to get the right mood in Silver effects.
  12. When you grow tired of your fish eye think of me !
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