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  1. On my camera (X30), when you press the jog/shuffle wheel it will zoom in to aid focusing. If you press and hold that knob in it will turn focus peak off. If pressed and held again it will turn it back on.
  2. Yes, a small rubber "O" ring is a good idea, it would add to resistance and smooth out the knurling. It might not look to bad either, I have a box in the workshop.
  3. It's possible that the battery was inserted incorrectly, I thought I charged it via USB but I may of taken it in and out for no good reason. It seems to be working fine, so perhaps a very easy mistake to make?
  4. I was curious to see what's involved to clean the sensor on the X100's. I found a video on youtube. It's a massive job, I hope my camera comes back OK?
  5. The camera was an x display model reduced in price. It must of been there for months so probably picked up the dust in store. Luckily I have a purchase receipt and full warranty and full two year John Lewis guarantee.
  6. I've contacted online support, a box is coming.
  7. Should this be covered on the warranty, I bought it from John Lewis during the Boxing Day sales.
  8. I've been thinking! When I used to get photos processed at a shop or as I did at home (B&W) they were never super sharp like digital, (just like a music CD and vinyl records). So, to start I'll try setting the film speed to 400, loose a bit of sharpness and add a bit of contrast. I want to do this in camera (because it saves time). Any more advice welcome.
  9. Jeremy, Thanks for confirming, do you know if the X-E2 has multiple points. So far I don't like the X100S.
  10. K1, thanks, if I'm only meant to see one then it's working fine, on the X30 you get multiply green squares(8-10). Why/how does it work out which single one square to focus on. BTW I thought the X30 was complicated, this X100s is more so?
  11. Thanks, if you enter paypal12 you'll get discount at the checkout. There's another post about this, I don't want the XC lenses.
  12. I think quick computers are better, I will be able to look at the days pictures, do my emails and even go on the Fuji X series Forum all at the same time, whilst having pre-dinner drinks in the lounge bar. Have you ever tried to do that with a android mobile, lol.
  13. Thanks everyone, I think the Dell is good spec (i3 or i5). Whilst away I want to be able to check/edit/send picture I've taken as quickly as possible. A slower machine would take longer, I suppose that's why the battery needs to last longer, I suppose you're never far from a charger? To conclude if I spend more I'll save time? Although after looking at the Dell Venue 11 pro reviews they don't get much praise, plus no keyboard.
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