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  1. throw these in for discussion over at the HCSP crit thread and wait for the blood to cloud the water. Be sure to leave the watermarks. You might want to search the discussions there for conversations on the matter of photographing the socially disadvantaged if you have an interest in shortening the learning curve on this topic.
  2. VJC, just out of curiosity how do you feel about the attempt (or is it a done deal?) on the part of UK legislators to make it illegal to boycott Isreali goods? From the US it looks like a completely unjustifiable suppression of a basic freedom.
  3. If it doesn't make any of the other synthetic noises, I'd say no - likely just a bad speaker. the shutter noise has always been about the first thing I program 'off' with all the fuji's I've owned.
  4. That whole discussion was about what happens with the shutter while using a zone focus technique in MF mode.
  5. never spent any time on instagram - for one thing it requires you to register with to get anywhere past the top of the first page. But I can tell you that among the serious street photography community 'instagram' is a word used as an insult.
  6. The guy 10 months ago at dpreview: "Also - I've never understood why a mirrorless camera has MORE shutter delay than a DSLR. A film Leica and a digital Nikon seem to release almost instantaneously - capturing fleeting expressions. I shoot the x100s and always, even in OVF mode, need to anticipate significantly to get the right moment." If he's having to 'anticipate significantly' it should be pretty plain that this guy simply doesn't know his gear well enough to get it properly set-up, and can't be taken at all seriously. And while you're right in my having gotten the firmware update number wrong (yes, it was 2.1 or 2.10 or 2.11) the simple fact is that since that firmware release there is in no one else out there reporting any problem of the sort you describe. No one. And in case you're wondering, it's fairly habitual for me to throw the camera up to my eye, shoot instantaneously, and immediately drop the camera back down without thinking about needing to get set or freeze on point or do anything of the sort which a laggy shutter would call for. The only time I loose shots working in this way is in low-light settings where SS has dropped to the point of showing motion blur.
  7. Two of those links are to discussions that pre-date the firmware update that addressed the 'aperture dance' issue, and the third, the comments at dpreview, I think can be discounted entirely as coming from people who have not found the optimum set-up for quick firing. I can only repeat myself. While I had real problems with shutter lag due to aperture dance early on, after the 3.1 firmware update I've had NO problems of delay, at least with the set-up I'm using. That's with both the the X100 I used up until a couple of weeks ago and the newly acquired X100T I'm now getting used to. I'm relatively well attuned to problems of delay as I've been shooting nothing but street for the last 10+ years (around 300,000 shots), and having used nothing but leica M's in the span from 1970 to 2010. That earlier thread in this forum which I linked to above contains a comment from Paul Russell I agree with completely, and as a street-shooter there are very, very, few guys whose credibility I hold in higher regard.
  8. it's a zen thing for sure - very soothing to immerse in that sort of focussed/practiced activity.
  9. I teach 3D design - right now I'm sitting in my classroom and have at hand somewhere between 1 & 2 dozen different adhesives, including 1 opened and 3 unopened lacks of JB. I buy art supplies at the hardware store and wal-mart. When I go to wal-mart I empty the rack of the 4-for-a-dollar minitubes of superglue, and buy all the hot glue sticks they have out, usually 800-1000.
  10. sorry, wasn't trying to smartass. in this case. I'm just a big fan of JB Weld. cleaning the surfaces first with a q-tip and acetone, lacquer thinner, or nailpolish remover is a good idea.
  11. oh hell yes. try wal-mart; the glues are in the paint-prep section. I've used this stuff a lot, and have been told more than once of it sealing cracked cylinder heads.
  12. well, it took a couple of steps and a restart but I got that done. I've always been OK with the free version from Fuji, but then I don't do much with it beyond converting to TIFFs to work on in Photoshop. Except for sharpening and noise reduction - I really like how Silky does that. Now I'm off to see whether or not I'll like Classic Chrome or will stick with Provia Standard. Thanks VJC Oh, and after waiting all this time to see if I'd go for the X-Pro2, I opted for the X100T instead. Rather than buying new so far into the product cycle, I found one on ebay with a low shutter count & with a Lensmate thumbgrip included, saving myself about $550. Too bad the X-Pro2 doesn't come in chrome - that may seem a petty thing to be a deal-breaker, but there it is.
  13. Yikes, that sounds messy! I've found a download link for SP version I think I'll go the step-wise route to getting the current version.
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