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  1. Since I first posted I’ve bought the X-T3 and 100-400mm. Once I used the X-T3 I noticed how well the combo compared to the XT2. I was delighted I sold my Nikon D500 and all associated lenses. That was last September and I ma please to say I haven’t looked back. In fact I use the x1.4TC permanently attached to the 100-400mm and find it so much better then a similar setup on my Nikon’s. I wrote a blog which I put on dpreview here https://pixels4ublog.wordpress.com/2018/10/10/the-fuji-x-t3-for-wildlife-the-long-journey-ends/ Further tweeks to my setup came later including setting the AF-C setting to setting 2, setting the IOS to only operate on shutter click. My results are very satisfactory and the distant to near focus hunting experienced on the X-T2 has virtually been eliminated. I do so wish however that Fuji would follow Nikon/Canon and most mirrorless cameras by putting at least two custom bank settings on the top dial. I’d willing sacrifice multiple exposure and bracketing. This Would enable multiple setups for different photographic genres at the flick of a switch.
  2. Hi and thanks for the comprehensive reply. The Fuji's are APS-C sensors. The 5m limiter was never used on my Fuji 100-400mm as all the wildlife was mostly further away. I am assuming that without it everything from closest focus to infinity at 400mm would be achievable as it is with my Nikon's and Sigma lenses. I did use the x1.4 TC, but found it poor unless in the brightest of light as it was just too much to expect at f8 at full zoom. My default AF setting is always AF-C. I use the Nikon D500 and also a 300mm f4 PF + x1.4TC which is a superb lens, but often either too long or too short! I am hoping to sell my Nikon kit if the X-T3 allows me to use the Fuji 100-400mm in most conditions and that must include birds in flight. So I pretty much have the kit you want! Thanks again
  3. Hi. I currently have an X-T2 and did have a Fuji 100-400mm. However, even with the latest firmware upgrades I always had an infuriating focus issue which I never experienced with my Nikon’s. That was that if I was focusing on a distant subject at 400mm and then wanted to capture a bird at a nearer distance the lens could never cope with the switch in distance. It would just hunt and I had to widen the zoom length before it would lock on. By which time the bird had flown! I have never had this on my Nikon 80-400/Sigma 150-600 or Nikon 300mm f4 PE, it just did it. what can I expect with the X-T3 I wonder, anyone got any thoughts please on whether the T3 will be able to cope with fast distance focus changes? Thanks in advance. Richard.
  4. Thanks. I'd already done that, but just looked again. However, I just trwled through e-bay and from the pictures of the mounts the only one that's similar is a MC Macro-Praktica PB Bayonet. I'll take a look if an adapter is available. Richard
  5. I mostly shoot both my X-T1 and E2 in manual. This way what see in the EVF is what I get as a result, or as near as possible. I also have the histogram (T1)active in the viewfinder so I can adjust the exposure before activating the shutter. I would find it very frustrating to see what appears to be a perfectly exposed image in viewfinder, only to find it's over or under exposed. I think the ability to be able to see what I actually want before I click is a major advantage over an dSLR OVF. Richard
  6. Today City Link are delivering my free 60mm macro which is part of the UK deal when buying an X-Pro 1 with the 18mm lens. A lots happened in only 2 months as I will now have the X-E2, X-Pro 1, 18mm, 18-55mm, 60mm and 55-200mm. It's been a bit like Christmas every day! The recent atrocious UK weather is at last settling down and I've been out enjoying my new Fuji's. I don't think I've had as much enjoyment with my photography since I bought my first dSLR 11 years ago. No intention to sell my Nikon D800/7100, different beasts for different jobs. Really enjoying Fuji's customer facing attitude, very refreshing. Richard
  7. Thanks Christopher. I hadn't checked "Notify me when people comment on my discussions" Richard
  8. There's the Velvia look to the images, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to pick up my X-E2 next weekend:-) Richard
  9. After much cogitating and returning to the shop to try both the X-pro 2 and the X-E2, I have ordered the X-E2! My reasoning was the X-E2 is lighter, has the lens I really wanted (18-55mm), an adjustable diopter and an on board flash. Not that the flash is a necessity, but always good to have. I am picking it up and paying for it next Saturday as there is a pre-Christmas event and Fuji will be there. Hopefully some goodies too! So, decision made and I am actually quite excited about owning it. Every dSLR I own at always looks the same, dial and buttons etc, but the X-E2 feels more like my 35mm film camera. One question please. The Fuji RR-90 looks very similar to the Nikon MC-DC2. Are they interchangeable. Richard.
  10. News like this is confirming my interest in buying my first Fuji (X-E2). Fuji certainly respond to customer needs. As a Nikon D800/D7100 owner this is really refreshing. Looks like I'll be using one before Christmas :-) Richard
  11. Thanks, that's interesting. The Nikon V1 is fast focusing, but having tried both the X-P1 & X-E2 inside and outside the camera shop, I didn't think the V1 was any faster than either Fuji's. I also tried both Fuji's in high contrast, reasonably low light conditions and they both performed very well, however the E2 had the edge on both. With the V1 I will miss the FT-1 adaptor with Nikon AF-S lenses for static subjects, however as I used it for wildlife it was no match for my Nikon D800/D7100 for moving targets e.g. Birds etc. I believe that there is an adaptor called Metabones which take Nikon lenses and operate in manual only. However, that's not what I want the Fuji for. It will be a street, holiday camera where the load weight will be less and less conspicuous than a dSLR. Richard
  12. <> Only joined this group today in a bid to explore the possibilities of "X" cameras. Considering either the X Pro 1, or X-E2. Currently got a D800/D7100 and all FX lenses. Looking towards a lightweight CSC and it seems that Fuji fit the bill. The Pro 1 is tempting as in the UK as the offer from Fuji is buy it with the 18mm or 35mm lens as a kit and get another lens free (18, 35 or 60mm)! Edging towards the E2 with the 18-55 lens, no other offers on that deal. So, if you were me would you buy the X-Pro 1 X- E2? Your advice will be welcome. Richard
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